IMG_0541One of my last Home Hemodialysis Treatments Before Transplant

I am 56 and have ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease).  I had a kidney transplant on March 3, 2015 and my new kidney is doing very well.  I spent almost two years on Home Hemodialysis, doing treatments 5 days per week for about 5 hours for each treatment.  I live in Shelton, CT, with my wife and care giver, Meg.   I was part of a kidney transplant chain the had 4 women donated kidneys to 4 men.  Meg was also a donor in the paired exchange program and it is because of her participation as a donor that I was able to receive a new Kidney.  The whole chain got started because of an Altruistic donor that just wanted to help someone and that started the chain.  I received her kidney and couldn’t be happier.  I am continue to have some challenges from the side effects from all the anti rejection medicines and steroids after my transplant but as they get the dosages adjusted I hope these will subside.  I did wind up in the hospital three times since the transplant but hoping we finally are over that hump.

We have two daughters.  One got married in 2015 and is living and working in a Boston suburb and the other just graduated in the Spring of 2017 from Ithaca College and is now in her first year of Law School at UCONN Law in Hartford, CT.  Since starting dialysis in May of 2013 I have had to adjust to all kinds of minor and major complications and challenges from the dialysis.  I just completed 28 years working for the Boy Scouts of America but have just gone on long-term disability as of January 2014.  I had hoped to return to work with a local Council after a successful transplant but it just wasn’t possible and I was retired by the BSA in September 2016.  I am recovered, but still fairly week and I am, instead, looking for part-time work or possibly opening my own business that I can run on a part-time basis.


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