3 Years Post Transplant!

Right after my Transplant!

As I write this (February 22, 2018) it is my 57th birthday!  It is very hard to believe but it is true.  I am also about 9 days out from the 3 year anniversary of my Kidney Transplant – March 3, 2015.  Earlier this week I had my three-year check up with the Transplant Center at Yale, and my Kidney function is doing Great!  The morning of my transplant my Creatinine Level (a measure of my kidney function) measured 14.o and right after my transplant it went down to 1.0 and has basically stayed there for 3 years!  It has gone as high as 1.3 but basically, it has flatlined at 1.0 and my Nephrologist is very happy with my Kidney Function – BP/Weight etc… are something else –  but my Kidney is doing well.  I am hoping to get back to walking daily but have been hampered by some extreme pain in my knees.  I saw an Orthopedic specialist about this and he has prescribed a variety of stretching exercises that seem to be helping quite a bit.  I have started doing some mall walking this week and hope to get back to the gym next week.

Last weekend Meg and I went to see Kate, Kenny & Kiera in Franklin, MA!  Keira has changed so much in the month since we have seen her.  We had a great weekend.  Friday night Meg and I babysat while Kate and Kenny had a date night.  Now Kiera was awake when we first started watching her, but she quickly fell asleep in Nana’s arms and stayed asleep for 3+ hours until Mommy and Daddy returned from their date night.  Saturday we all (including Kiera) went to the Nadick Mall, basically to exchange some baby clothes that she already had outgrown!  Late that day my other daughter Carolyn arrived from Hartford for a visit.  She is doing extremely well in Law School and has just landed a summer internship as a clerk for a Federal Judge in New Haven, CT.  We all went out for a nice dinner and Carolyn had to leave, which surprised me, so she could get back and do several hours of reading before going to bed – ah to be 22 again!  She left just as it was starting to snow, but she made it back safely, and was able to complete her reading.

With my transplant donor – eight days post transplant!

It is hard for me to believe that it has been three years since my Kidney Transplant on March 3, 2015!  I feel so much better than when I was on dialysis and am able to more than before the transplant.   But I seem to have hit a wall in my energy level.  I am not increasing my energy and have definite limits in how much and for how long I can actually do things.  I recently took a woodworking class and had to stand for about 8 hours with only a half hour lunch break.  After the class, I was in incredible pain and just had zero energy.  The next day I was in a similar boat with lots of pain in my legs and feet.  I am working with the doctor on these issues.  I talked with the nephrologist and as long as my Kidney function is doing well, then he is happy.  So I am seeing my Primary Care Physician later in March so I will talk with him about these issues.