Light At The End Of The Tunnel

August is going by way too fast.  It is already August 24th and before I know it the leaves will be turning color and start falling.  My youngest daughter moved into her new apartment this week and is in orientation for Law School and will start classes next Monday.  My wife goes back to school next Tuesday and students start on Thursday.  WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE! We have used the new boat but not as much as we would have liked to.   We try to go out twice each week, but it is terrible when life gets in the way of your hobbies.  We did just have a great weekend with our family.  Kate and Kenny came as well as Carolyn and her boyfriend Wojciech, so we had a full house.  I fired up the smoker on Saturday and we did Ribs and Chicken and on Sunday we spent the day on the lake!

Wiffle Ball Game While Ribs/Chicken Are In The Smoker

Despite all this, I have made some progress on my home projects and we are coming to the end.  This past month we got the final delivery of the furniture for the new Living Room and my wife has gotten curtains up in both the Living Room and the Dining Room. The only thing left to do is to get some artwork and/or family photos on the wall.  This is far more complicated and endeavor than you can possibly imagine and involves first agreeing, then choosing, assembling and then finally deciding how to hang and eventually you get to the hanging of the picture.  And then we still have the dining room to go – oh and we have a lot of blank wall space in the kitchen as well.   We did also get the house siding completed in August!  The siding looks great and now we are down to the driveway paving, but it is not that simple.   First, we have to have the masons back to rebuild the retaining wall that was blown out by the cement mixer and dump trucks that built the foundation for the addition, way back in March!  We have hired the same masons that did our front steps/walkway and they will start on Saturday and it should take a week.  Hopefully, then we can hire a paving contractor and finally get the driveway paved.  My wife and daughters wanted the driveway done as one of the first projects, but I was advised to do it t the end since all the projects we had planned involved bringing in large vehicles that might damage new pavement.  However, if the snow comes and we don’t have a new driveway my wife may beat me to death.

We still do have a variety of small projects planned on the house and property for the future.  In September we are having the dining room floor refinished so that it will match the new floors in the kitchen and living room (the Addition).  Long term we want to get some new dining room furniture, but must wait until we have paid off our new living room furniture.  We also still have a variety of small electrical jobs that need to be done – new sconces by the front door, fixing the motion sensor in the back yard spot lights, outlets and light posts that somehow stopped working during the construction process, the list goes on forever it seems.  This year our energies were focused on the house, both inside and out, but the coming year we plan to work on the lawn and landscape.  I have an enormous amount of brush that needs clearing, and clearing so that it doesn’t grow back!  I have trees that I need to thin out to that more light can get through to the lawn.  And I have way too much crab grass that I need to replacee with nice basic grass.


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