June Boating

June has started and we had our first outing on the new boat!  On the Wednesday after Memorial Day I had a training ride with someone from the Marina.  He showed me how everything worked and we did a tour of the lake.  It had been awhile since I was behind the tiller of a boat, but it slowly came back to me.  It was a weekday so the lake was not crowded and there was little wind so the lake was like glass.  I was able to really let the throttle out so we made great time getting down the lake.  I actually was able to dock it successfully the first time (I wasn’t on Sunday with all kinds of people around!).  Meg had her training on Saturday morning and everything was new to her but she did very well.  On Saturday afternoon I brought Carolyn, Wojceich and Griffin to the Marina and we met Meg and all went out!  After a rough launch by me, we made it into the lake.  It was cloudy and windy so the sun kept popping in and out of clouds.  When it was out it was very nice, but when it was behind a cloud the wind made it pretty cool.    We never got lost, but we were confused several times about where we were in the lake, but we were always able to figure it out and get back on course.  We were hoping to stop at an island so that we could try to get Griffin to go in, but when we tried there was already a boat there with a dog that kept blocking us from approaching shore.  Getting the boat back into our slip went better than I had expected.  Once you realize that you do not have brakes, like in a car, and can gauge the drift after you put it in neutral it goes a lot easier.

Griffin & Carolyn Swimming

Catching Some Rays After Swimming

The second weekend of June we went out again on Sunday, when it was like 90 degrees.  There were quite a few more boats on the lake this weekend and the waves were more intense but we had a nice time.  Carolyn went swimming and that encouraged Griffin to try.  He was nervous, but the dog paddle must be encoded in his DNA because he did a great job swimming with Carolyn.  We are starting to know our way around the lake a little bit and we found out way to chicken rock, but it was so crowded we didn’t feel comfortable anchoring near all the other boats so we wound up out of sight of the rock but found a nice spot to anchor so Carolyn and Griffin could swim.  In order to try to get to an island to park the boat at we either need to get there very early or go on a weekday when it is not as crowded.  We hope to do this so that Griffin can enter the water from the shore and not have to only go in off the back of the boat.  We should be able to go out during the week after Meg gets done with school next week!


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