Very Eventful Month of May

For Mothers Day weekend Kate and Kenny were scheduled to come visit and then Carolyn decided to bring a car load of stuff home from Ithaca, so we had a full crowd.  Kate and Kenny arrived Friday with a big announcement – Kate is Pregnant – so Meg and I are going to be Grandparents!!!!  Her due date is December 13, 2017 – two days after Kate’s birthday!  We were totally surprised.  Meg is already at work knitting baby things.  We are both in a state of shock, but when we talk about it we get very excited.  Most of our talks are about what Grand Parent name do we want to be called.  We had a great visit.  Carolyn came on Saturday with a car load of stuff from her apartment.  These visits are great but they always seem to end too soon and then everyone is gone.  Griffin had a great time, he exhausted himself, and then he sleeps all afternoon Sunday after everyone leaves.

So after waiting for a year for the Bryant Speranza boat that was a part of the 2016 HGTV Dream House Prize it finally arrived but due to a variety of paperwork issues the Marina wasn’t able to get it registered.  Finally after talking with the DMV, Bryant Boats and Echo Bay Marina we were able to get Bryant Boats to re-issue the Title directly to me so I could take it and get it registered.  I finally was able to take the paperwork to the DMV and get it registered and pay the sales tax.  Now I was supposed to pay sales tax on the full value of the boat ($57,000) and trailer ($4,500) however because of how the sales receipt was written I only was charged sales tax on the options I ordered – $9,900.  So instead of paying the $5-6,000 I expected to pay, I only paid like $700.  I tried to explain that I won the boat and owe the sales tax but they wouldn’t hear it.  So if anyone wonders why the State of CT is in such a financial mess look to the bureaucracy that is not at all flexible.  My one fear is that someone reviews the transaction but they went thru the same training as the clerk at the counter – so I should be safe.

The weekend after mother’s day we went to Ithaca for Carolyn’s Graduation!  Kate and Kenny met us in Ithaca on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night we took Griffin to the Ithaca dog park and he ran with Kenny and Wojciech and he had a blast.  Then we went up to the IC campus for the Graduation Fireworks Show.  Sunday we woke very early and still almost didn’t get in to the Graduation.  We arrived in time but by the time we got thru traffic and actually parked the Academic Procession had started.  Kate, Kenny and Wojceich were on one side of the procession and Meg and I were on the other.  Of course we couldn’t get into the stadium from where we were, but on the  other side they could so they actually got a seat on the side of a hill in the end zone.  Carolyn Graduated Summa Cum Laude, with an honors program cowl and in the Spanish and English honor society.  We are very proud of her and look forward to watching her future in Law School and beyond!  Monday morning we packed up her apartment and headed home.  Because Carolyn has had a slight cold, Meg rode with her and Griffin rode shotgun with me!  We got home Monday night and Carolyn and Wojceich left on Wednesday for a post Graduation trip to California!


Meanwhile work on the addition continues, and we are nearing the end.  The back of the house has been sided, a new back door has been put in, central air conditioning is installed and working, a new front door is in, and finally the front steps and walkway have been ripped up.  Right now there is a big pile of concrete in the front yard waiting to be hauled away and I am looking for a mason to put in the new steps and walkway.  With the addition almost finished we are scrambling to get the final details completed.  As I type the painter is at work.  This past week we ordered some new furniture (we actually used a designers services – very unlike us), and purchased a new TV.  Hopefully by mid to late June we should be all set.


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