April – A Variety of Things Happened

So it has been a month since I have posted anything and a variety of things have been happening with the construction, family visits & movement on the HGTV Bryant Speranza Boat!  I had the surgery to finally remove the cyst on my neck at the end of March.  It went very well and all the stitches were under the skin and they will dissolve on their own.  There are three layers of stitches so there is still a small bump on my neck but it is receding as the stitches dissolve.  I saw the reconstructive surgeon and he told me there was nothing in the cyst – Good News!  It doesn’t bother me at all like the cyst did, but I feel a little friction when I wear a shirt and tie – fortunately that is not really a retirement look for me these days.

We have made a lot of progress on the addition this month!  At the beginning of the month they were just finishing pouring the foundation and since then they framed it out, put on the exterior walls, roughed in all the work for the AC, Electrical and plumbing, and the Deck is almost finished!  This coming week they are putting in the wood floor, putting up the wall board, putting vinyl siding on the addition and the back of the house, and finishing the deck.  The work is going well, but everything is just starting to be impacted by the weather – last month it was snow and this month it is rain.

Griffin, our new puppy, is an absolute joy to all of us, but Meg and I are having a blast with him, although he exhausts us out most days.  In April we had visits with our daughters almost every weekend.  Kate/Kenny & Carolyn and her boyfriend came to visit for the weekend and when they left the Dog was exhausted.  There was always someone to play with him and when done they passed him on to the next person.    It was a great weekend and nice to see everyone and we ended with everyone going with us to church for Palm Sunday and then we went to brunch.  After everyone left Griffin went to sleep and only go up to go out to pee!      We had a full house and Carolyn made her law school decision!  She will attend the UCONN Law School in Hartford, CT as a UCONN Presidential Scholar with a full scholarship!  She had a variety of very good options at very good schools.  UCONN will give her some opportunities that she is interested in doing, including studying abroad, summer programs and internships.  Now we are looking forward to graduation in less than a month!  A slight pause for trips to California and a family wedding in Texas then the summer job in Philadelphia and the frantic rush to get ready for Law School!

For Easter Weekend Kate invited Griffin to come to visit in MA, but his parents had to come as well!  We had a very nice visit and Griffin didn’t terrorize their house too much.  Griffin also got a chance to meet Kate’s in-laws new Poodle, Holly.  Holly is about Griffin’s size although she is two to three months older.  The meeting didn’t go as well as planned but they eventually interacted and had some active play time together. Griffin had just woken up from a nap and Holly had an over abundance of energy.  Eventually Griffin woke fully and was able to get active with Holly and show her who is boss!

The weekend after Easter we went to Ithaca to see Carolyn present a paper at a Literary Conference that her Honors English Class organized.  The conference was on feminism in literature and her presentation was on the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling.  I am sure I would describe her paper/presentation wrong so I won’t even try, but needless to say it was well received by the audience and Meg and I had a very nice chat with her Professor that she has been working with all four years at IC.  While we were there Griffin spent the night with Carolyn her boyfriend, Wojceich, at Carolyn’s apartment.  Griffin had a great time playing with them and also with Carolyn’s cat Ollie.  Griffin had so much fun that he slept most of the drive home!  We have done several long trips with Griffin and many short around town trips that he is really enjoying time in the car!


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