Surgery, Construction and the March Storm of 2017

Construction on the addition started  and was going great until the winter finally caught up with us in Mid-March.  The old porch and foundation have been removed, the foundation has been excavated and the footers and the walls have been poured.  Then it snowed and we were in a holding pattern but they returned after two days to uncover the walls and then to waterproof the walls and the top of the footer.  The building inspector has approved us for spreading the back-fill, but we must wait for the snow that is on the pile of dirt to melt.  My back yard, especially where the majority of the fill material is, gets very little sun so this may take a while.  The other option is that we shovel off the snow so they have access to the dirt.  While we are waiting for the snow to melt, they cut the hole in the basement foundation that will serve as an entrance to the crawl space.  Originally I thought they wouldn’t be able to even start any construction until at least the start of spring, so we are still way ahead of our plan.  At this rate we  may be done before June, so we will get to use our new deck for the whole summer.

Our new puppy, Griffin, is turning out to be an incredible handful, but an absolute joy.  He really enjoys the snow.  During the snow storm last week we had about 16 inches of snow with drifts in areas up to 24 inches.  Griffin had a blast playing in the snow.  At first he was a little tentative but he was soon diving in head first and charging all around the yard.  He was afraid of the snow blower.  The week of the storm my daughter Carolyn was home from college with her cat Ollie and the two of them hit if off after a day or two of getting to know (sniff) each other.  At the end of the break when Carolyn and Ollie had to return to Ithaca, Griffin would look all over the house, even sneaking down the hall to Carolyn’s room looking for Griffin.  Meg and I miss Ollie (and Carolyn too) mainly because he was able to get Griffin exhausted so that he sleeps at night.  Ollie will be visiting for a weekend in early April and then he will be with us all summer starting in late May until Carolyn goes to law school in August.

Of course my surgery to finally remove the cyst from my neck was scheduled for the same day that the storm came, so it was postponed the day before and now won’t be until the beginning of April.  The more time that passes the smaller the cyst gets, but they want to get it out so they can make sure that it isn’t growing inwards.  Now the cyst has reduced in size dramatically since this photo was taken but we still need to get it out.   I did have a major spill in my driveway on the ice/snow and wound up landing on my back.  I landed fairly flat and it was spread over my whole back but then so was the pain.  It took about a week but now I am fairly pain-free except for the arthritis in my knees.  I did have an appointment with the transplant center in early March.  My kidney function continues to remain at 1.0 and my prograf level is also doing well.  I asked if I could stop the prednisone but the answer was no and they may even increase it.  It will depend on my next blood test which is not until the beginning of May.



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