Cold Gone – Surgery Pending – Law School – Puppy!

th-3The cold that I had for most of January finally left me during the last full week of the month.  It never became pneumonia, but for like ten days it felt like it was trying to move into my chest.  Although I never actually went to the Doctors office I did communicate with him several times about how I felt and he told me what drugs to take to prevent it progressing and eventually to get rid of it all together.  The old me (prior to transplant), would have just ignored the cold symptoms and just kept on working thru it.  The first time I got a cold since my transplant (late June 2015 or 3 months post transplant) I basically did just that and wound up in the hospital with pneumonia.  So this time I was determined to do any thing I could to prevent that from happening and thankfully I was successful – this time!

th-4So I finally did get to the plastic surgeon to see about removing the remains of the cyst on my neck that developed in late December.  the Emergency Room Doctor did cut it open and broke up all of the puss filled balls and started to get it to drain.  Then I went home and continued to force fluid/puss out of the hole and keep the opening they cut into it open so that it could still flow.  It has gone down considerably but my primary care doctor feels that it should be removed.  I saw the same surgeon that took out a similar cyst on my chest in November 2015.  He agreed that it should come out but since it is continuing to shrink into itself, he wants to wait like another 2-4 weeks before scheduling the surgery so that when he takes it out, it all comes out and there is nothing left of it.  So hopefully I will finally get this removed by the end of February.

91a4a5d27cc2cd41e4f523379b9b10d6In other news Kate just returned from a week-long business trip to Sweden.  Apparently she had a very nice visit but wasn’t able to see a lot of sights since she was working with the IFP office – it was a business trip.  Carolyn is currently in her final semester at Ithaca College and also sweating out the waiting on her law school applications!  She applied to 9 schools and has already been accepted  to 5 out of the 9!  Financially she was offered a full tuition scholarship to one school and a $30,000 per year renewable scholarship.  The other schools she has been accepted to have indicated that merit/financial need offers will come in the coming weeks.  Once she knows all her options she will have to arrange campus visits and make the all crucial decision!  Visits can be combined into 3 trips since the schools she is applying to are centered in Boston, Washington and Hartford!  The goal is to attend the best school that you can, but still come out with the smallest debt load!   I have completed the FAFSA, still have to finalize the CSS Profile.  I get to do the easy part – Carolyn has to make the decision!

thFebruary is also new puppy month – and we can’t wait!  We lost our family dog and cat within a week of each other last June.  Frodo and Snickers had been with us for a long time and it really hurt all of us, more than we realized at the time.   We are getting a Goldendoodle, not the one pictured above, but it should look fairly similar as this picture is of an eight week old puppy.  Our puppy was born on January 1, 2017 and will be ready to bring home the last weekend in February.  It is a boy that we are planning to name Griffin, but this may change when we meet him.  This is becoming a family road trip weekend as Meg and I planned to spend the night before picking up the puppy in Hagerstown, MD, so I invited my sister, Carol,  to come visit and since my daughters haven’t seen Carol in a while they are coming as well.  We hope to visit for part of the afternoon and evening and then have breakfast Sunday morning and then go get the PUPPY!  So now my efforts have to be put towards making sure my cold doesn’t return and to get the house puppy proof.