Preventing Pneumonia Again


The past two weeks have been fairly miserable for me.  I have a minor cold but it has laid me up so that I can’t really do anything around the house or errands etc…  The main concern is to prevent this cold from becoming pneumonia like has happened before.  With my suppressed immune system ( an unfortunate side effect of my kidney transplant ), a simple cold can become pneumonia very easily, and pneumonia is something I don’t want to mess with again.  The cold started as a sore throat and now is be-boping around between my throat, chest and head.  I will have a couple of nights in a row where sleep alludes me and then I will have a day where all I can do is sleep and that cycle seems to be repeating.  Every time I think I am about to kick it out of my system for good, it comes back even stronger!   Frustrating!!!

th-4Meanwhile, while sick I am trying to get the permit application for the room addition completed and submitted so that when the winter ends we can start construction.  We have two permits to get approval for – first the Naugatuck Valley Health Dept. needs to review it based on the septic system and how close the new construction is to all parts of the septic system and will the system handle the capacity and then the City of Shelton (Zoning office and the building office) needs to give final approval.    After several trips to the NVHD, once Meg drove me and the final time Carolyn took me there, we finally got the permit complete and submitted.  After all the hassle and four trips to Seymour, I was called after one day and the first permit is approved and I can pick it up at their offices early this coming week.  Now I have to get to work on the permit for the City of Shelton.  I am not anticipating any problems, but it is a city department and they exist to create problems!


After a month at home with us Carolyn has gone back for her final semester at Ithaca College!  She got home like 10 days before Christmas and left on Thursday, January 19th!  It seems like she had just gotten home like last week, but she had been here a month and while we had a great time with her home, I am sure she was bored to death with her parents.  While home she did get her kitten that she had been longing for and we all had a blast playing with him!  She also finally completed her law school applications and submitted them.  I was hoping to start the FAFSA application and show her how it is done and what is involved, but it was tough to do with my cold because it is impossible to concentrate especially on numbers.  So now my to do list has FAFSA – 2016 Taxes – City Permit Application, and to get the house ready for our upcoming Puppy!  See future blog posts for more details on our puppy, who was born on 1/1/17 and will come to CT at the end of February!


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