No End Of Projects


So it has been about a month since my last post.  Since then the kitchen has been finished and we are really enjoying using it.  We still have the back splash to finalize, but we have selected it and met with our tile guy. We will order the tiles and other materials and hope to have the back splash installed by Christmas, but it will be tight scheduling with the Tile Contractor.  Other than tile the only thing left to do is a window treatment, and that is Meg’s domain and I’m not allowed to enter into it!  This past weekend, we emptied the Pods Storage Container, and today they came and finally removed the Pod from our front yard.


In other construction news, we are in the planning stage for the next part in our Dream Home Conversion.  We are going to put on an addition off of the kitchen.  If you look at the picture at the top of this post you see a doorway, on the lower left, to the outside that has been covered with plywood.  This is where we took out a large sliding glass door so that we could re-size the opening to the same size and placement as the opening on the right into what is now the living room.  The addition will be about 16′ x 20′ and when completed it will become the living room/family room, and the current living room will become a formal dining room.  Now we are in the middle of designing the new addition – where to put windows/doors/deck etc….  Then we have to finalize the layout and submit the paperwork first to the Naugatuck Valley Health Dept and then to the City of Shelton so we can get permits to proceed.  Our goal is to break ground on the project when the weather breaks in the spring and we can start the foundation work.

th-12Health wise things are continuing fairly well.  I saw my primary care physician in November and got the usual BP issues / Weight Issues / See Heart Dr. / See Eye Dr. etc…  I did get a new one to see a Neurologist regarding some uncontrollable shaking in my hands and balance issues.  These are some normal side effects to the anti-rejection medicines I take for my kidney however those side effects usually stop after a few months and I’m going on two years so my Dr. wants it checked out.


Today I went to the transplant center for my 3 month check up for my kidney function.  I went in early for a blood draw so they didn’t have all the results back at my appointment.  Usually the traffic is awful when you are trying to get to the hospital for a 9:00 a.m. blood draw and usually there is a long wait at the blood draw station and then in the waiting room at the Transplant Center.  My kidney function has been great and I have no reason to expect that to change.  they want to see my BP lowered so they also increased  a dose of one of my a BP medicines.  They also refilled my arthritis pain medicine prescription.  I had run out around Thanksgiving and my knees are in a lot of pain so hopefully now they can get back to normal and I can do some walking again!


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