Creating Our Own Dream Home


So after I won the 2016 HGTV Dream Home, we decided to take the cash alternative, rather than accept the house, and the tax burden that came with it.   We bounced ideas around about what to do now.  Do we move out of Connecticut, do we stay but buy a new (bigger) house, or do we make our current house into our dream home.  There are merits to each idea, but in the end we decided that we weren’t prepared to move, we didn’t really need a much bigger house, so what could we do to make our house our dream home.  So we have embarked on a series of home improvement projects, some of which are long overdue, and some which we just wanted to do.  Now, these improvements to our home will never equal the dream home in Florida, but it will make living here in Shelton more like what we envisioned 31 years ago when we got married.  Over the summer we re-did a bathroom, which was a project that was in the works prior to winning the dream home, however the plan was changed and up-graded after dream home!


Now we are in the middle of a Kitchen Re-Model, which, while needed, wasn’t a necessity like the bath room.  Hopefully, when done, we will have a breakfast peninsula, more storage, new appliances and some office space (at least a desk area).  Our next project after the kitchen, will be next spring when we put an addition off of the kitchen taking down the porch that is falling apart.  The addition will be a living room/family room and we will then turn our current living room into a formal dining room.  The new dining room will also have a siting area near the fireplace.  We are trying to incorporate some of the design elements of the HGTV Dream Home that we really liked.  In the bathroom we did, we used the same blue penny tile that is in one of the bathrooms of the Dream Home.  The Dream Home also featured several original art works by artist David Bromstad.  We purchased a print of one of the pieces that he did and was in one of the bathrooms in the Dream Home, and it now is in our hall bathroom.  Also in the Dream Home there was an impressive piece of string art (a Sailfish), and Meg is planning to do a piece of string art herself of a lighthouse for me.


My health issues continue and while my kidney function continues to do very well, I’ve been having some of the symptoms that I had right after my transplant.  Mainly some balance issues and a lot of shaking in my hands.  I have an appointment with my primary care doctor coming up and plan to ask what else this could be other than the reaction to my various meds.  I also have an appointment the first week of December at the Transplant Center and hope to get these issues straightened out.  I am not yet overly concerned as this has happened before and they were able to change my doses and things improved.  I am mildly concerned with this situation and intend to get answers or at least get my medications changed to stop this issues.