Dream Car Arrives – Boat Still A No-Show!



My long wait for my GMC 2017 Adacia Denali finally came to an end.  I ordered the car the last week of May and went thru a variety of challenges with the GMC Marketing guy on which options I wanted on the car and finally the order was placed.  I was originally told the end of July, then at the end of July I was told the middle of August and while it did arrive at the dealership in Mid-August, there were problems with the paperwork which nobody could, or would, explain.  Personally I think the VP that needed to sign off on the car was on vacation and he didn’t return until the day after Labor Day which is when they called to say it was all set!  I did pick it up on September 6th, and it is a pretty cool vehicle.  Lots of room inside and it has every option imaginable.  I can’t wait to take it on a road trip – which looks like it will be the first weekend of October when we go to the Ithaca Applefest, oh and also to see my daughter Carolyn and her new boyfriend.


th-2                         th-2I was hoping to get to use the boat that was a part of my Dream Home Prize but it has not yet shown up.  I placed the order back in the last week of May and was told it was an 8-10 week build process.  After ten weeks it became a 10-12 week build process.  It is now been 15 weeks since I placed the order and Bryant Boats won’t return my emails, so I have no idea when/if it will arrive.  Probably it will get here just in time to place into storage for the winter.  I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, after all it is a free boat, but I want to get to use it and it is getting frustrating.  At this point I guess I will just have to wait until next spring to try it out.  It is frustrating but there is nothing I can do about it.


My health is continuing to improve and that makes me feel good.  I had an appointment with the Yale Transplant Center the second week of September and it went fairly well.  My kidney function is doing great, as measured by the level of Creatinine in my blood test.  It once again came in at a level of 1.0 which it has been at basically since my transplant in March 2015!  My weight was down around 10 lbs. since my last appointment in June.  My blood pressure was kind of high coming in at 150/75.  They did not change my BP meds but I think they wanted to make a change.  We are now in a circle where all my doctors want to defer changes to the other doctors I’m seeing.  My GP will make a written recommendation and then the Nephrologist at the Transplant Center will usually agree.  the problem is I see the Transplant Doctors with more frequency than my GP.  I am now on a 3 month schedule so I won’t be back at the Transplant Center until mid – December.


My plans for opening a wood craft business is progressing but much slower than I had hoped.  My workshop has been cleaned out and expanded but I keep adding something to store in it because we can’t find adequate space somewhere else to store.  I have developed a list that is far too long of potential projects that I can actually do, but it needs to be edited.  I also seem to keep finding new potential products that I can/could do and sell.  My shop problem is that I have lots of hand tools but no big shop tools that would help me to make large batches of projects.  I think I am going to solve this by buying time in the wood shop at Woodcraft in Norwalk, which is over 5,000 sq. ft. and has every tool known to man.  I am hoping that I can spend October and November finalizing my products and how they are produced and finished and get into production by the end of November.  The problem that will overshadow this plan is that on October 10th they start the destruction and installation of our new Kitchen.  Once I have something to show I will post pictures, but I am also looking into what is involved with having my own Web Site with a sales function and selling on ETSY/EBAY/Amazon etc….