Retirement and Beyond


When we returned from our week in Baltimore & Washington helping my sister during her recovery from her TAVR surgery we had a rather large stack of mail waiting for us to open.  Among the minutia was a letter from Conexis (the company that is administering my benefits for the BSA) and surprise surprise I have been terminated and it is effective like January 1, 2016 – 7 months ago.  I had expected this at some point but I thought the BSA might actually call me or at least send me a letter.  I did receive a package from the BSA later that had all the paperwork for retirement but you would think that 28 years would at least rate some personal contact.  Now the BSA has not been paying me for a while, as Social Security has taken over my Disability payments, but I was still buying some benefits from the BSA thru Conexis.


Shortly after my transplant surgery, I was told that the BSA was looking into a Part Time Professional classification, which seemed to be an ideal position for me.  I could bring considerable skills to this that would benefit the council, and get me working on a level I could handle, but when I looked into going back to work nobody had any idea of what I was talking about. So it looks like my best/only option is to retire from the BSA & to try to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.  While I have been cleared to work part-time, nobody really wants to hire someone with ESRD, so  I am looking into starting my own business and I am doing research on possibilities and also trying to see if some of my crafting skills could be made into an ETSY and/or Craft Fair Business.


I am planning to spend the next several months making samples and practicing and improving my skills to see if I can do this.  Right now it is to see if I can produce a quantity of high quality items.  I have some limited power tools so I am choosing my projects based on what I can accomplish with the tools that I have.  Also I plan to utilize the shop at the woodworkers warehouse to see if using their big power tools will help me to batch out larger quantities and also help me to decide which power tools will help me the most.  Right now I have a list of approximately 20 items to start with and we will see where we can go from there.  I will report on my progress and hopefully we will be opening an ETSY store by Thanksgiving!


Summer 2016


So it has been a long time since I have posted anything here and I apologize for the lack of news.  Healthwise, every thing is going well and my Kidney Function continues to be doing very well.  My blood pressure is coming down but not nearly as fast as they want and that is a constant battle.  I am finally on a 3 month between clinic visits.  This has been a long time coming and all of my comrades from the transplant have been on a 3 month cycle for quite a while.  My delay was caused by my many issues post transplant.  I am at the ten month mark since my last hospitalization and can’t wait to break one year!  I go back at the beginning of September to the clinic.  Haven’t had to see any of my other doctors except a yearly visit with my ENT doctor and he just cleaned some wax out of my ear and sent me on my way!


The Dream Home hub bub has died down although they did show the Dream Home 2016 Giveaway Special in late May and it was well received by my friends.  Meg and I hosted a viewing party at Church and invited the whole congregation and our other local friends.  We had it catered by the Dinosaur BBQ with Pulled Pork and Smoked Chicken!  Of course we ordered too much food but luckily Carolyn was headed to MA to help Kate & Kenny with their move and she brought most of the leftovers to feed the volunteers helping with their big move!  Kate & Kenny have bought a house in Franklin, MA!


In other Dream Home news, I am still waiting to receive both the GMC Acadia/Denali and the Bryant Speranza Boat.  We ordered both the first week of June and hopefully we will have them by the end of August!  I took the option of the 2017 GMC Acadiath/Denali as it has some new features that I liked – mainly that it is like 900 lbs. lighter and will get better gas mileage.  The best news is that HGTV did come thru right on time with the transfer of funds and now most of it is invested so that I can cover the tax payment to Uncle Sam next spring!!!  I did set aside some of the funds to do some work on our house to turn it into our dream home.  The first project, a bathroom, we needed to do regardless of the Dream Home money.  We have incorporated some of the things we saw in the Dream Home that Brian Patrick Flynn (Dream House Designer) used in the Dream Home.


So the summer started with an overnight trip that Meg and I took to Burlington, Vermont to get my car out of the shop.  Carolyn went to visit a friend at UVM and the car blew the head gasket  and that started a two-week battle with  the warranty company about who would pay for the car!  Finally the dealership in CT I bought the car from called the warranty people and they agreed to pay, so the Burlington dealership could finally start the work.  Meg and I had a nice overnight to Burlington and it included several stops for yarn at Green Mountain Yarns(?) and also the Ben and Jerry’s plant!

th-4The rest of June was taken up with planning/purchasing for the Bathroom Renovation, and they started the work the last Monday of June and it took about 4 weeks to get everything done.  This included Meg and I doing the painting over the two hottest weekends of the all time, I think.  Carolyn had a summer job in Philadelphia, PA at the UPENN where she functions as an RA for high school students taking college classes for six weeks this summer.  We did get to visit her for several days and had a great time even though she had very little time when she wasn’t working.  We did get to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Ben Franklin Museum.

The last couple of days of July and the first week of August we went to Baltimore and Washington DC to help my sister who had Heart Surgery – they inserted a new TAVR Valve.  We arrived the day after here surgery and she was doing fairly well and we were able to take her home the next day.  We stayed for another five days to make sure she was OK.  Carolyn came down to visit for the day and we were able to get to the National Archives and see the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.  She is doing well, but still has some issues that we hope will clear up by the time she returns to work late next week.