2016 HGTV Dream House


HGTV Host Tiffany Brooks, Dave & Meg with Father Amjad and Ron Marcho Right After the Announcement

So it is official now so I can write about it here.  I was named the winner of the 2016 HGTV Dream House in Merritt Island, Florida.  It is an amazing prize and includes the House (which was totally renovated and remodelled), the furnishings and original artwork, a $250,000 cash gift from Quicken Loans, a 2016 GMC Acadia Denali and a new Bryant Speranza speed boat!   I still can hardly believe it but I have signed a bunch of paperwork about it all.  My daughters and son-in-law worked with the Rector at our church and the crew from HGTV to set me up for the ambush.  The church was planning to do a blessing for me and my wife for the 1 year anniversary of our Kidney Transplants at the Palm Sunday Service, very much like they did the Sunday before the Transplant last March.  At the end of the Blessing, Tiffany Brooks, who  is also a Transplant Recipient, was at the Lectern and things got really crazy after that!  After the service was over, we went outside and they had a GMC Acadia and the big check for $250,000 from Quicken Loans.  We posed for a bunch of pictures with the check, with the car, and with everyone.  After we did some more interviews in the parking lot and in the church, eventually it calmed down and everyone left.

IMG_0314Carolyn, Meg, Dave, Kate & Kenny

After the Chaos of the Ambush at Church

Meg and I had been totally in the dark but my daughters and son-in-law had been in on it for a couple of weeks!  They were all planning to come for the palm Sunday Weekend since it was Carolyn’s spring break from college.  My name was selected in early March and they wanted to reach out to a family member but only could find a number for my son-in-law, Kenny, at his office.  They finally convinced the receptionist to put them thru to his voice mail and we are eternally grateful the she did and that Kate and Kenny decided to return the call and the it wasn’t a scam, which was the first reaction!  Over the next two weeks Kate & Kenny enlisted Carolyn to the cause and they worked with HGTV, and Father Amjad at our church to set things in motion.  We didn’t know any of this until after everything had quieted down and we went out to brunch and they spilled the beans!  The time since has been a blur!  I thought getting the new Kidney was my 15 minutes of fame  – this is like winning the lottery for a second time!

dh2016_front-yard-full-house-straight-on_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.644Courtyard of our new Dream Home

Sometime in the next few weeks we will go to Florida to see the house!  There is a big dinner with all the sponsors of all the different aspects of the house.  We will have a tour of the house that will be filmed and hosted by Tiffany and Brian, the designer of the house.  We are very excited and hoping for great weather and a great weekend in Florida!



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