One Year Anniversary

th-3So it is March and that is the one year anniversary of my Kidney Transplant – March 3 last year 4 women donated to 4 men and changed our lives forever.  This was all made possible by the altruistic donor, a wonderful woman from Mystic, that wanted to help someone so she donated her kidney and I was fortunate to receive her kidney.  Then Meg donated to a man from Old Saybrook, then his wife donated to a man from New Haven (who is a volunteer BSA leader), then his wife donated to a man from Stamford who had been on dialysis for over five years waiting for a kidney.  It is hard to believe it has been a year and my life has improved immensely.  I am not 100%  recovered and I have had some significant challenges since the transplant, including three additional hospital stays, but I feel so much better and can do so much more than when I was on dialysis.  Dialysis saved my life first – the lowest point I was at was the several months prior to dialysis.  Having said that I don’t miss Dialysis at all!

IMG_0548Me with my Kidney donor, Patricia!

My kidney function continues to be doing very well.  I had a Kidney Biopsy in February where they put needles in my new kidney and take 2-3 tiny slivers of the kidney out.  One they will do some chemical tests on and the others get viewed under various micro-scopes.   Apparently there are some forms of rejection that they can catch this way where is they wait for it to appear in my monthly blood work it is already too late.  I have an appointment at Yale Transplant next week to get the results of the biopsy.


My job hunting is not going particularly well.  Everyone is very interested with why I was on disability and they lose interest in me once they hear about the transplant.  I am starting to look at opening my own part time business from home to generate a small income and give me some sense of purpose.  Hopefully I will have more to post about that as it comes to fruition.


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