Going Stir Crazy

th-7Being basically healthy enough to return to work and not having a job to go to is starting to make me go a little stir crazy.  I have been having some minor health concerns but nothing that would prevent me from working.  I saw the transplant nephrologist earlier this month and had a good visit, my new kidney is performing very well, and we seem to have gotten the side effects from the immunosuppressant drugs under control.  I have had some minor balance issues when walking or on the treadmill, but the doctor didn’t seem to be too concerned, only that I should monitor it and let him know next month if it is increasing in frequency or severity.  It has been almost two months since I interviewed with my old BSA Council and still I have not heard back from them and they have not responded to my several attempts to contact them.  I know, thru other sources, that they can’t hire the position as they have to cut payroll and even further than just not hiring this position, but it would be nice to get some feedback on my interview.  I have also contacted the other councils in CT and there is nothing currently available.

th-5In addition to my work situation, or lack there of, I am also going crazy from the loneliness.  I see very few people on a daily basis to talk with, so when Meg comes home I talk her to death, just because she is another human being that I can converse with.  While she obviously wants to talk with me also, I think I am starting to freak her out, since she comes home and wants to relax.  Frodo and Snickers are not particularly good conversationalist so I seem to be forcing conversation on Meg when she might not be ready.  I find myself talking to strangers more and more – at the gym, the grocery store and even instant messaging (not strangers, but friends).  When Carolyn was home for her Christmas break I had someone to talk with, but she is now back at school.  I am scheduled to go to my old council’s annual dinner this week so I will get to talk with some people.


New Year – Decisions – Job Hunting – UGH!

th-6It has been a couple of months since posting here and a lot has happened, but I seem to be no farther along in getting back to work than I was.  In November I had an interview with the BSA Council I worked at for 10 years before I went on disability.  It was a very weird interview – they had two candidates and we did interviews with most of the staff in twenty to thirty minute blocks, with 2 staff members at a time.  I think I answered the same 3-4 questions in each block.  Several of the people I met with were very good friends I had worked with for years, and the others were new employees since I had gone on disability.  This lasted for three and a half hours and then they told me I was done as they “had to meet.”  I knew then that I didn’t get the job, but not the reason.  I have been interviewing with BSA Council’s since 1987 and I have never not been told the results before I left the building.   I was either offered the job and given a contract to sign right then and there or I was told I didn’t get the job and here are the reasons why.  Even in interviews with multiple applicants at the same time, I have never left an office without knowing the results.  I have since found out that they didn’t have any money to hire the position and will have to also eliminate other positions, but since the interview in November nobody has called me or responded to my calls or emails.  I hope it had nothing to do with me, just the situation they find themselves in but I would like some feed back.


The interview was the week before Thanksgiving and we had a very nice Thanksgiving in Waltham, MA, at Kate & Kenny’s apartment.  Kate got to use most of her wedding gifts.  Meg helped, mainly with the Turkey and Gravy, and we had a nice dinner with Kenny’s family.  The day after, rather than going shopping, we went into Boston and did part of the Freedom Trail and wandered the North End and had a great time.  Christmas was very nice.  Christmas Eve it was just Carolyn, Meg and me and we had a nice dinner and then went to the late church service.  Christmas day Kate and Kenny arrived around 4 PM and we had a great dinner (Roast Beef Tenderloin) and then did exchanged presents etc…  They stayed thru Monday and we had a great weekend.  New Year’s was fairly low keyed with Carolyn having some friends over and Meg and I trying to stay awake long enough to see the New Year.  We were in bed by 12:30!

th-4Now that the New Year has started I have to get the job search going again.  Since my old BSA Council won’t/can’t hire me back I have to decide if we are prepared to stay with the BSA and move or we stay in CT and I look for work outside the BSA.  Having been with the BSA since 1988 I don’t really know how to job hunt in the real world.  Also, there are a lot of other reasons to stay in CT – Meg has a good job she likes, I am close to my many doctors/specialists and the Transplant Center, and I would lose my shirt on the sale of my house – if I can even get a buyer.  The other option is to stay in CT and get any job to pay the bills and wait for another opening at my old Council.  The BSA is fairly fluid and positions are open fairly frequently and I think I know of some people who are looking to leave so jobs may be open there soon.