Stalled and Frustrated

th-3It has been quite a while since I have written anything on this blog.  Quite a lot has happened and at the same time I seem to be stalled and not getting any closer to moving forward.  In September I was suffering from a long-term bout of diarrhea but it was getting to be manageable.  I had an initial interview with the Scout Executive from the Council I was with prior to disability and it seemed to go fairly well.  He was interested in having me back and had some ideas of part-time positions that I have some extensive experience at doing.  It seemed to be a win win situation but I needed to get final clearance from my doctors and he needed to get final clearance as well.  The goal was for me to start working part-time on November 1st and then to hopefully get back to full-time by next summer.

th-4Then I wound up in early October in the hospital (AGAIN!), but just overnight, due to a couple of viral infections that they needed to get under control.  Usually I am a pretty good patient, but this time I didn’t really understand why I was in the hospital, so I was not a very cooperative patient.  They only kept me overnight so that they could start me on drip antibiotics and then transition me to the same medicine in pill form.  The antibiotics started very quickly to stop my diarrhea and over time would take care of the CMV virus which is common with Kidney Transplant Patients.  I got out in less than 24 hours and had two weeks of prescription antibiotics to continue taking and started to feel better.

   IMG_0605     The weekend after getting out of the hospital Meg and I went to Ithaca to see Carolyn for the Ithaca Apple Fest.  Kate and Kenny also came to Ithaca and we all had a great weekend.  In addition to doing the apple fest we also went hiking at the Taughannock Falls State Park.  the following weekend Meg and I went on a trip for our 30th Anniversary to Cape Cod.  We had a   gIMG_3317reat time.  The highlight of the trip was a whale watch out of Provincetown, MA.  We saw three different species of whales – Fin, Minke & Humpback Whales.  We only saw the Fin & Minke from a distance and they dove deep each time and stayed down a long time after they dove.  We did see several pods of Humpback Whales and we even saw a mother / cub grouping.  The whole weekend was a lot of fun and a great way to start our next 30 years.

Upon returning from the Cape I was scheduled to have a final meeting about the Job Prospect, but right after pulling out of my driveway I received a call telling me not to bother coming in, since the funding for the job didn’t come through!  I have some feelers out with the other nearby Boy Scout Councils but so far no luck in any openings.  Now I have a form to return to Met Life and the doctors at the Transplant Clinic tell me they can’t complete the form and that my primary care doctor (who I have not been seeing, on advice of the Transplant Clinic) is supposed to complete the form.  My primary care doctor tells me he doesn’t know enough of my recent history to fill it out the form and that the Transplant Clinic has been in charge of my care.  I am now stuck in a round robin and adding into that I keep getting put on hold with Met Life.  I think I can return to work, but I can’t get anyone to fill out the paperwork saying I am able to return.