Six Month Anniversary!

th-3So this week is my six month anniversary of my kidney transplant.  The transplant happened on March 3, 2015 and a lot has happened since then and in many ways I am making progress, but in some ways I still feel that I am not making progress.  My kidney function is doing very well and I don’t miss dialysis at all, and I especially don’t miss the dialysis diet.  I have started exercising and just when it seems like it is going well and that I am making progress, something gets in the way and I miss some days and have to start all over.  The same happens around with chores around the house.  I build up energy and am able to do more yard work or house elf chores and then I get sick and can’t do anything for most of the week and then when I go back to doing work I can only do about half of what I was able to do the week before.  I am trying to determine if I have the energy to go back to work so I am trying to simulate the level of activity that a typical day working would entail.  My problem is that I haven’t been able to get two days in a row complete so I don’t know if I will have an answer until I actually have to go back to work.  I had an appointment with a Nephrologist at the Yale Transplant Center this week and got the final approval and a note to take to the BSA saying I can return to work.

th-1I realize that I will frequently catch bugs and viruses due to the amount of immunosuppressive drugs I take in order to prevent rejection of my new kidney.  This is what cause both of my recent stays in the hospital, in May, right after Memorial Day, with the blocking of my Parotid Gland and then on the Fourth of July with Pneumonia.  I am hoping that I can get thru Labor Day with no problems.  My inability to fight infection is one of the main things that scares me about going back to work.  In her second week of the new school year Meg caught a cold at school from a student.  She only missed one day of work but it is another reminder of the germs she can be exposed to and bring home with her.  My doctors have told me there is not much that can be done, that my immune system must stay suppressed.  This is just the burden I have to get used to living with.  I feel like my life has just been one big burden for my family, especially my wife, for like 3-4 years now and there is no end in sight.  I need to learn how to avoid situations where I can be infected or to take steps to prevent the germs from developing into major issues.  Making changes to lifetime habits is possible but does take time for new routines to become habits.

th-4Summer is winding down, although we are still in the middle of a seemingly never-ending heat wave, but fall is coming!  Meg started back at school last week & Carolyn’s classes started last week and the swim team has started captain’s practice this week.  I am hoping to re-enter the work force since I did receive a letter from my doctor saying that I can return.  I am nervous about this as I don’t know if there are any jobs at the BSA Council I was with or if they even want me back.  I would prefer not to have to relocate – Meg has a job she likes here, I like my various doctors, we like living here, and we would lose our shirt if we tried to sell our house.  We also have a couple of weekend trips scheduled for this fall.  The first weekend of October is the Ithaca Apple Festival and we are going and Kate and Kenny are also going to be there, so we should have a great weekend.  The following weekend Meg has a long weekend and it is also our 30th Wedding Anniversary so we hope to do a long weekend trip – possibly to Maine or Cape Cod or Boston – location still to be finalized.

IMG_3189We also had a major problem this past week with water.  We had no water Wednesday thru Sunday.  We had service on Thursday and they thought they fixed the problem but didn’t.  Friday night we wound up spending the night at the Hampton Inn in town so we could shower etc…  Finally on Saturday they came back and after several hours of looking, we brought in a backhoe and they were able to dig up the yard and find the well.  They had to replace the pump and then we spent from like 5 pm to midnight trying to clean the water enough so that we could run it thru our filter.  It is now (Sunday Morning) running fine.  The water is clear and we have pressure and things are back to normal – except the $3000 it cost is gone now!