Living A Movie For Life


I spoke with my doctor about my immune system issues.  He did check my test results and while I had one recent test that showed my immune system to be too low he wanted to wait until the current test result came back.  Of course that test came back normal so they didn’t change any of my medications that impact my immune system.  I did talk to my doctor about a problem I have been having with urinating and they put me back on Flomax and the problem has since gone away.  I was originally on Flomax after my Transplant but was taken off when I was having some issues with balance/dizziness.  So far I haven’t had any problems but am careful not to get up suddenly, especially when I wake from sleeping.

My doctor also told me that I should be able to go back to work this fall, although he recommends starting with part-time at first and work back in to full-time.   The problem is that I don’t want to relocate, but I am not guaranteed a position with the council I was with prior to disability.  Also I don’t know if they even want me back.  If I leave the BSA I wouldn’t know how to look for a job, I have been with the BSA since 1988 and have no idea how it is done today.   I am not sure what to do.  I like the idea of part-time and will explore that with the SE at my old council.

Some good news is that I am now on a monthly schedule of appointments with the transplant center!  This schedule will continue, basically for the rest of my life.  Hopefully, nothing else will happen causing me to return for more treatments.  This is the same schedule that most transplant recipients are on to get their kidney function checked.  My next appointment is not until the first week of September, due to everyone’s schedule, but if something happens to me I can always get in on an emergency basis or just go to the emergency room if it is a major issue.


This week I went in for my annual Thyroid Ultrasound.  Two years ago I had an issue with my thyroid and had a biopsy done but it was benign.  My thyroid is slightly enlarged so I now do annual thyroid Ultrasounds just to make sure it is still OK.  The nodule they were concerned about last year is still there but has not increased in size.  There is a new nodule in the center but it is not yet big enough to be a concern yet but they will talk with my doctors (GP and Endocrinologist) about this and then I may have another biopsy.  I also need to schedule annual appointments with my cardiologist and ophthalmologist.  I like my cardiologist but anything to do with my eyes freaks me out!  I haven’t been in like a year and a half and can only put it off for so long!


The heat is currently an issue for me, as it is for many.  Since I am feeling a little stronger I am trying to get some things done around the yard but it is tough to work in this heat/humidity we have had the past two weeks.  Prior to that I still had problems with the pneumonia so I wasn’t trying to work in the yard anyway, but now that I can but it is just too hot.  I did get some brushed cleared on some bushes that I hadn’t been able to get to for the past 3 years.  I still have some more to cut but I have started.  I also have killed a bunch of weeds in an area of the yard I am trying to reclaim.  I have also started collecting some rocks from the woods for some stone wall projects I have planned. Last week it was hot but I could work for like forty minutes and then take a break.  It took a while but I was able to get projects done in time.  Now it is so hot that that I am covered in sweat before I can even gather all the tools I will need.  I am hoping that August will provide better wedding so I can get more accomplished.


Meg is off on a trip to West Virginia to see her brother and her sister who is coming up from Houston.  They plan to see what has been done on their mother’s house and make decisions about what still needs to be done so that we can put it on the market.  Originally I was planning to go with her  and on the way back we were planning a couple of days for ourselves with some side trips in West Virginia and Virginia.  Unfortunately at my last doctor visit at the transplant clinic travel was discouraged as I am susceptible to all kinds of bugs/viruses that fester in hotels. I am OK for trips if I’m not staying in a hotel or likely to do mass transit.  I miss not going because I have been traveling to Charleston, WV since like 1980 with my wife and have many great memories of these trips, and once we sell Meg’s family home I don’t know when we will be able to get back to West Virginia.  It is like another major part of my life is coming to an end.


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