NYC Weekend and Beyond


We had a crazy weekend last weekend and I am still recovering.  Friday Meg and I took the train into Manhattan where we were spending the night and going to the Bette Midler Concert at Madison Square Garden.  It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the concert.  We got into the city around 2:30 PM and walked from Grand Central Station to our Hotel on 29th Street with a stop at Macy’s and some shopping for things that were ‘accidentally’ left in the car when Carolyn dropped us at the train station.  Our hotel was nothing special, but it was clean and fairly inexpensive for NYC.  The room was much smaller than we had a week ago in Providence, but it was adequate to our purpose.  We had dinner in an Irish Pub/Restaurant near Madison Square Garden and then went to the concert.  The concert was great, she was very entertaining, funny and she did some great songs.  It was very impressive for a woman who is 70 years old.  Saturday we checked out early and walked up town and did some shopping along the way and ended up in the Times Square Area and arrived in time for the final race of the Greater New York Council’s Pinewood Derby Championship in Times Square.  I didn’t know it was happening it was just a coincidence that we came upon it.  After  Times Square we headed back to Grand Central Station and had lunch at the Oyster Bar before heading back to Connecticut.  Overall we had a nice time, but were exhausted from walking all over Manhattan.


Tuesday I woke with a sore throat, but no other symptoms of a cold or any other issues.  The sore throat persists and occasionally I have a coughing fit that makes my throat hurt even more.  The past couple of days I have been staying close to home, since Carolyn has my car, and mainly doing some house elf stuff – laundry, dishes, cooking etc…  I have gone walking but it is so hot that I can’t walk for too long.  Also the heat, combined with the sore throat makes doing outside work very difficult.  I am going to start to do the lawn late this afternoon when the front yard is in the shade.  Tomorrow if my sore throat is not better I will have to contact the Transplant Center.  They want me to call no matter how trivial my symptoms are so that they can make sure that it is not affecting my Kidney function.  I don’t feel like my kidney is having any problems – my blood pressure is holding (high but holding) and my urine output is the same.  But better safe than sorry, so tomorrow if the sore throat has not gotten any better I will call.


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