Wedding and Recovery


Kate & Kenny’s wedding was a great success!  My sister Carol arrived in Shelton on the Wednesday before the wedding and she traveled to Providence with Carolyn on Thursday.  Meg and I stopped on Thursday to pick up Kate’s wedding dress and we all arrived in Providence at the Omni Hotel and hooked up with Kate & Kenny and my brother Richard and his wife Terry.  It was a great family reunion and for dinner we went to Mediterraneo Cafe in Federal Hill.  We had a great meal and a lot of fun.  It had been a little over a year since I had gotten together with my brother and sister and this was the first time since my transplant.  Friday was dominated with errands for the wedding and greeting people when they arrived and delivering the gift bags we had prepared.  The rehearsal was at 6:00 PM at Providence College in St. Dominic Chapel followed by dinner at the Local 121 Restaurant in Providence.  The rehearsal seemed to be a little dis-organized but I guess enough of what everyone was told was remembered.  The rehearsal dinner was a lot of fun!  Saturday we spent most of the day getting ready as our room was the hair and makeup studio for the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride/groom and then the bride.  Kate & Kenny did get a nice gift from the hotel, an upgrade to a giant suite on the 24th Floor.  Everything went smoothly and we made it to the church on time, although the priest was running a little late but did make it in time.  The wedding was a beautiful ceremony although I think Meg and I shocked a few people by walking Kate down the aisle together!  The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes and then we did pictures outside the Chapel and then we were off to the reception.


The reception was also a lot of fun and everything ran very smoothly.  The cocktail hour was a little more crowded than I expected but went well.  I messed up a little in my toast, mainly forgetting things I planned to say despite having some notes, but what I did say I said well.  Dinner was great and all the after dinner festivities (cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance) went well.  At some point it started to rain but by the time we left it was not raining, although there was the remnants of the gay pride parade and many of the streets around the reception were very crowded.  Sunday we did a family brunch with all the Rennie and Chambers Clan at the Providence Oyster Bar.


We finally got home Monday afternoon and I had a doctors visit at the Transplant Center at 8:30 Tuesday morning.  My Blood Pressure is down a little but not enough yet but I have only been on my additional BP medicine (the Clonidine Patch) for a week.  I have another appointment in two weeks and hopefully it will be down some more.  My sister left early Tuesday morning (6:00 AM) and she arrived home safely.  It was great to visit with her and my brother!  Today Meg and I are off for a night in New York City.  We have tickets to a Bette Midler concert at Madison Square Garden.  We are having dinner at an Irish Pub near the garden before the concert, and tomorrow we are going to brunch and a yarn store (of course) and a little sight-seeing and probably more shopping.  Then on Monday, Meg starts summer school and everything will get back to normal.


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