Final Wedding Planning and Ear Wax


Last Friday I had an appointment with an ENT Doctor to evaluate how my recovery was progressing after the  viral infection of my parotid gland and the swelling that it caused.  He reviewed my CT Scan that I had in the ER and also did a detailed exam of my mouth.  According to the Dr. everything looks OK now but I am to call if I have any problems and come back in a year.  They then did a check of my ears and found a large deposit of Ear Wax so they decided to clean out my ears.  The first ear they did (left ear) cleaned out ok after like ten minutes of sucking out the wax and an application of Hydrogen Peroxide.  The other ear they had trouble with and despite several applications of Hydrogen Peroxide they still couldn’t get it clean.  So now I am on a Hydrogen peroxide treatments at home twice a day and will go back to the ENT Dr. in two weeks to see if that has loosened up the wax and make it possible to clean out the ear.  The funny thing is that despite the cleaning of one ear and the partial cleaning of the other ear I don’t feel that I am hearing any better than I was before the appointment.  I will continue with the treatments and hope they get the rest of the wax out at the next appointment.


Yesterday – Tuesday, June 9th – Carolyn and I went to the Providence Public Library for a final meeting with the caterer before the wedding next weekend.  Kate & Kenny me us there and we met with the Catering Coordinator for about an hour.  It was Carolyn’s first time seeing the inside of the library.  We made some final plans and finalized the schedule or events and all the details to make sure we are all on the same page.  It sounds like everything is all set for a great event.  There are still some uncertain aspects that we won’t have the answers to until they actually happen – how long the ceremony lasts, how long to do the photos after the ceremony, traffic concerns, weather etc…   But we are as set as we can be at this point.   The details that we still need to get done are starting to get down to a manageable list.  Hopefully we will get a lot done this weekend as Kate is coming to visit while Kenny is away on his Bachelor weekend at Fox Woods Casino.


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