Three Months Post Transplant


This week is the three-month anniversary of my Kidney Transplant.  I feel considerably better than I did before the transplant but there are still things I can’t do and some side effects that are causing concern.  I continue to have some shaking in my hands when I type, eat or especially when I write.  My blood pressure is way to high and they have increased my BP medicines several times and still it doesn’t come down.  I also don’t yet have the stamina I had before all this started especially when doing yard work or walking.  Despite all this, my doctors keep telling me ‘these things are normal and that I will get better but it takes longer than you think’ etc….  It is starting to sound like the Charlie Brown sound effects when an adult is speaking – Waac Waac Waac!  Last weeks episode with the viral infection also came back this past weekend although it didn’t last and was gone by morning, and it still bothers me to not know what causes it.  I do go to the ENT Doctor on Friday and hopefully will know more after that.  In honor of the three-month transplant date I have sent a gift to my kidney donor – a t-shirt that says “I’m an organ donor!  What’s your superpower!”


Kate’s wedding is now in less than 18 days away and the stress seems to be mounting exponentially.  Since I am the one not working I get to complete all the DIY projects we planned for the wedding.  It is not anything too difficult but the sheer volume is a little overwhelming.  My to-do list doesn’t seem to change in length.  I keep checking things off the list and at the same time I keep adding new items at the bottom of the list as we remember them or think of them.  My house  has wedding supplies in just about every room.  This coming weekend Meg and Carolyn are heading to Massachusetts for Kate’s bridal shower.  I may go and spend the time they are at the shower helping Kenny to move her final items into their new apartment.  Not that I can be much help in a move since I still can’t lift much weight but there should be some things I can carry, but I would at least get to see them and we may stay for a family dinner.


Also this week many of the final payments are due to the various vendors for the wedding, so I wrote a lot of checks today and some more will go out in the next two days.  We still have a couple of bills that we are not sure of the amount and are trying to get the final bill from the vendor without much success yet.  Our largest bill, the Caterer, is not due till like June 12th and we have the final meeting with the Caterer at the Library next week so we will know the final amount.  The count keeps changing and it is going down so we will probably give the caterer a low number at first since we can add up until like 2-3 days before but we can’t lower the count after we make the final payment.  When I did special events for a living I was pretty good at guesstimating attendance for events, but with those we always had a 10% contingency where there are seats available and they always had more food available.  With a wedding they set up for the exact number and they only have extra food to cover their mistakes.


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