The Final Countdown



So it is one month until Kate & Kenny’s wedding and we are starting to get overwhelmed with details.  We are trying to track down the last invitations to make sure we contact everyone so we have as accurate a count as possible.  Once we know who is coming we get to start with the seating arrangements for all the guests.  That is compounded by not knowing a lot of the guests – we don’t want to sit people with people they don’t like etc….  Once the seating is done we get to make the place cards and of course we have decided upon a DIY card that we have to individually cut out – fortunately Carolyn is coming home this weekend and she will be a help in cutting out pineapples and with all the other ancillary details.  We also have to make the favor, print programs, gift bags for out-of-town guests, and more that I can’t remember right now – all DIY projects.  Wedding gifts are also starting to arrive.  Fortunately they came and took away all my dialysis supplies so we are using the pallet in my garage that used to store dialysis supplies and now it is getting full of wedding gifts.  This coming weekend Kate and Kenny are visiting and Carolyn is returning so hopefully we will get some things on the list accomplished this weekend.


So my High Blood Pressure problems are continuing.  The doctor increased my blood pressure medicine but my pressures seem to be staying high.  I go back again to Yale next week to see the nephrologists and hopefully my BP will be getting lower.  Right after my transplant my pressure went up but not too high.  Now it is hovering in the 180/60 to 190/80 area and that is way too high.  My doctors tell me they want it at around 130/60.  Also this past weekend I spent a lot of time in the yard bending over and picking up sticks on the ground.  I woke on Monday with some pain in my kidney, or at least in the area where my new kidney is installed.  I called the Yale Transplant Center and spoke with my contact nurse.  If the pain continues I am to go to the Yale ER.  In the meantime I am to scale back what I am doing in the yard and to stop going to the gym.  The pain seems to be less and also seems to be in different places so I am thinking this is mainly a joint issue rather than a kidney problem, but I am not going to do anything to risk any damage or rejection in my new Kidney.  On the 1-10 scale the pain is only at around 2 but any pain near my kidney is troubling.


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