Kind of a Good News / Bad News Situation


I had my regular appointment with my nephrologist on Monday at the Yale Transplant Center and there is both good news and bad news.  My kidney function is doing great!  My creatinine level is down to 1.2 which is great.  When I went in for my transplant it was at 11.0 and that was when I was on dialysis.  It started coming down right away and has consistently been improving until it leveled out about a month ago at around 1.3.  I was told that was great and not to expect it to get lower since the kidney I received was 7 years older than I am, but that they (my nephrologists) were very happy with a level in the 1.3-1.7 level.  Also on the good news front my scar is finally healing and I am not leaking any fluids anymore.  The nephrologist told me that I no longer need the visiting nurse coming twice a week to check on my wound and re-bandage it, that whatever it would need either I can do myself or Meg can help me to cover it over.

The bad news is my blood pressure is way too high and they are concerned about this.  It has been hovering at the 180/80 level and they want it at around 130-140/60.  They have increased my BP medicine and we are hoping that will bring down the blood pressure but it takes time for that to work.  This is a big change for me since while I was on dialysis my Blood Pressure kept getting lower and lower almost to where is was too low.  I had totally stopped taking any medicine for blood pressure.  Also on the bad news front is some potential joint issues caused by my anti-rejection meds.  I have been having some joint pain in my ankles that gets very intense, mainly  when I am at the gym or doing yard work.  She told me to cut down a little on the walking as I was doing two forty minute sessions at the gym each day.  I am still not to do any weights yet, primarily just until I am totally recovered.  I am now down to only one session of like 60 minutes and then I will do only like an hour or two of yard work.


This past weekend Kate and Kenny came down for Mothers Day and they were a big help.  I had spent a couple of weeks clearing brush that hadn’t been cleared for the two years that I was on dialysis, so I had lots of piles of brush all over the yard.  They hauled all the piles into the woods in the back yard and then they cleared some areas I hadn’t gotten to yet.  Now my back yard is even larger than before.  My yard is kind of a never-ending project.  After I get all the clearing done I want Meg want to do some more planting of some ferns and ivy and also we have a dozen bags of mulch to spread.  I also have several stone walls that need some selective re-building but I am still limited in how much weight I can lift so I am holding off on the stone work until I can safely lift.  Saturday afternoon Kate, Kenny, Meg and I went over wedding details and made some more decisions.  Then for Mothers Day we went out for dinner Saturday night to an Italian Restaurant in the village,  Aribella’s.  It was a great meal and we had a nice visit with Kate and Kenny.  Sunday they had to leave early to get back for Mothers Day in MA but they will be back for Memorial Day Weekend when we will have to organize the seating for the wedding reception.  Also that is the weekend that Carolyn will be coming home from Spain!


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