Two Months Post Transplant


It has been two months since my transplant and parts of the recovery process are going well and parts are not going as well.  On the positive side;  I feel great as compared to pre-transplant and incredibly better when compared to pre-dialysis.   My kidney function is doing very well and it seems to be doing everything it is supposed to do very well.  My stamina is slowly coming back.  I am walking every day, like 2-3 miles, but I seem to get a shortness of breath when walking up hill or on flat ground after like 20 minutes.  I am able to power thru it and continue walking unless it happens while I am doing yard work or walking up hill.  My doctor (surgeon) told me that this is due to a continued low red blood cell count.  He did start me on an Iron supplement to bring up the red cell count.  Also this week my nephrologist put me on vitamin D supplements.  My wound that they re-opened three weeks ago to drain excess fluids has finally healed although the visiting nurse is still coming and today I had an overly high blood pressure reading of 180/80.  She got all worked up and called the Yale Transplant Center and now I may have to go in on Monday to get checked out.  While my blood pressure has been running higher than they want it has not been that high so I am concerned since when I previously had high blood pressure issues I had a stroke.


Kate’s wedding is now under the 50 day countdown mark.  RSVP cards are coming in every day and we have started to receive wedding presents.  Today, Saturday, Meg and I went to Rhode Island for a dress fitting for Kate’s wedding dress.  It was also the start of Kate’s bachelorette party/weekend, so there was a lot of her high school and college friends that descended on this small bridal shop in Warwick.  After the dress fitting, Kate and her friends headed off to Newport to party.  Meg and I went into Providence to run some errands for the wedding.  We are down to the little details to get done.


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