No News Is Good News


So I haven’t posted anything here in a while, mainly because there has not been any news – kind of a ‘no news is good news’ thing.  My wound is still leaking fluids but not as much as when they re-opened my wound.  The packing they stuff into my wound has been coming out more bloody than the fluid that is leaking and that is a good thing and there is no sign of infection.  It still is not totally healed though and that is distressing.  I have spoken with all the other transplant recipients from our paired exchange and I am the only one they had to re-open, everyone else is totally closed up at this point.  I have a visiting nurse that comes by twice a week to change my bandage and re-pack the wound.  They also re-pack and change the bandage at my weekly clinic visits at Yale.  The other days of the week Meg changes the bandage and re-packs the wound.

This week at my clinic visit I had an appointment with my surgeon that did my transplant.  He looked at my wound and probed it and didn’t find any signs of infection although it is still leaking fluids, but only a little.  He is very happy with my Kidney function and with how my recovery is going.  He is pleased that I am walking at the gym again and amazed that I am up to 2-3 miles per day of walking.  He did say that I still can’t lift any weights yet and he told me it might not be until June that I am cleared for weights.  I did tell him I am doing some minor yard work, mainly brush clearing.  He said that is OK but not to lift anything heavy or to do too much work at once.  He also told me that my shortness of breath is due to an Iron deficiency and how to fix it thru diet and/or vitamins.  I also met with my endocrinologist this week about my diabetes and he made some minor changes to my insulin regimen.  Overall he is happy but after I take my prednisone in the morning my blood sugar spikes so he has made my lunch dose higher and my overnight dose smaller since I have been low in the morning.


Wedding plans are proceeding.  We are now under 60 days until the wedding and the invitations have been mailed and every day we are getting responses back.  Plans are going well and we are getting excited for the weekend.  We go to Providence next Saturday for another dress fitting and then Meg and I will run some errands in Providence after the fitting.  We are also going thru organizing seating, programs, place cards, menu cards, and all the other details to make this event happen.  Plans are also underway for Kate’s bridal shower which will be in the beginning of June but other than Meg and Carolyn attending it we don’t have any thing to do with the shower.


Carolyn just returned to Spain after her week trip to Morocco.  We hope to Skype with her tonight to find out how she liked Morocco and what she did while there.  I did see a picture a friend of hers took of her mounting and riding a camel!  I told her before she went that if they go to Casablanca she has to go to ‘Ricks Cafe American’ – she had no idea of what I was talking about, so I must have failed as a father. She has about one month left in Spain and while we can’t wait to get her back, she probably has misgivings about coming home as she is having a great time and her parents are pretty boring by comparison.


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