Re-Opening and Other News


My wound from the transplant has been leaking a considerable amount after they took out the final two staples.  I spoke to the doctor last week about it and he brought in a surgeon to re-open my wound and check it out.   He broke thru a barrier and a flood of fluid came out.  So now I am having to have a visiting nurse and/or Meg pack my wound with gauze every day until all the fluids are dried up and not leaking anymore.  The picture above is my wound and where the hole is was where the main gush of fluids came out and where we are having to pack the gauze in.  The good news is that they have not seen any signs of infection in the  wound either on the surface or down in the wound itself.  It does hurt a little bit now which it hasn’t done since about two weeks post transplant.  I had been walking about 40 minutes per day at the Mall, but now I have had to cut that down due to the pain in my wound.  Next Monday I go back to Yale (again) to see my nephrologist and a surgeon to check my wound.  Last week they also removed the stent that was in my ureter.  It was a very humiliating experience although thankfully it was over very quickly and fairly painlessly.


I have finally, despite the pain in my wound, returned to the gym today to exercise.  I only was able to do around 35 minutes on the treadmill at a much lower pace than prior to the transplant but I still take this as a good sign.  While I have enjoyed walking the mall with Meg it did not have the same intensity as the gym.   I only did the treadmill, no weights yet, but I am planning on meeting with a trainer and explaining my situation and getting advice on which weights to use and which to avoid so I don’t do any damage to my new kidney.  When it gets warmer I hope to walk outside as well as at the gym and also plan to ride my bike after my wound is healed.


In other news, Meg returned to work this week, but is going back gradually.  She worked 1/2 days on Monday and Tuesday and only like a 3/4 days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Next week she is on spring break and then she will return full-time.  I started driving again this week and am enjoying having some independence and freedom.  Wedding plans are proceeding well.  We got all the invitations stuffed, addressed and sealed with wax and they are now in the mail – so I uses we have to go thru with this event.  Kate finalized the florist, the baker for the Wedding Cake, and I contracted with a limousine company and a lighting company so things are falling into place for the big event.  Carolyn returned  from her trip thru Northern Europe and is back in class in Granada.  She had a great time and is now preparing for her next trip to Morocco next week.   We also just changed her return flight back to the US and she will get home on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend – can’t wait.




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