I Survived The Transplant But The Side Effects Are Trying to Kill Me!


So my recovery is continuing and I feel stronger every day but I am starting to be bothered by the side effects from the various anti-rejection drugs and steroids that I am taking.  My Nephrologists at Yale are trying to get my dosages under control so that I am not bothered by the side effects but it is complicated to get the dosages correct.  My wound is healing nicely and I have very little discomfort from it but it is still leaking a little bit and that is causing a rash under my belly that is starting to hurt a lot.  Also the prednisone is causing some issues with shaking in my hands that makes writing, typing and eating difficult.  They did just lower my dose so hopefully the shaking will get less.  I am also putting on weight which is not good.  It is to be expected but I can’t afford to put on any weight.  So far I am up about five pounds since my transplant.  Now they tell me that the average person puts on like 25 pounds after transplant and I am hoping to not do that.  The problem is that after my transplant I now have an appetite and some of these drugs amplify that and you can get into the habit of snacking all the time.  I am trying to limit my snacking and so far it is going well.  I have also started having night sweats which is new.  I will wake up at like 5 AM covered in sweat and my t-shirt soaked.  I haven’t suffered from some of the other side effects like the shortness of breath, chest pains, diarrhea, and hair loss.


So this week I have four doctor visits although one is with my dentist for a crown that cracked over the weekend.  I have my normal Monday and Thursday clinic visits and then on Wednesday I go in to have the stints removed and the staple that is attaching my eureter to my bladder.  I am kind of nervous about this just because of how they plan to go in thru my urethra to get at my bladder.  I am not sure how they get the stints that are securing the blood lines from my new kidney to my arteries – and it is the not knowing that bothers me most.  Also the fact that they told me I will be awake thru all this.  I will post how it happens after the fact.

So this weekend is Easter!  Kate and Kenny are coming this weekend.  Hopefully we will finalize a bunch of the final wedding plans and also celebrate Easter.  I think we are having Rack of Lamb and I am trying a Baked Alaska.  Carolyn is halfway thru her Northern Europe bus tour.  Today she is in Amsterdam then she will go to Brussels and end in Paris and fly back to Granada on Easter Sunday – her birthday!  They spent last Friday and Saturday in Prague and then the first part of this week in Berlin.  We hopefully will be able to Skype with her when she returns on Sunday and hear all about her trip.  Then she has two weeks of classes and then they go on another trip with the whole group of exchange students and professors to Morocco.  Sounds like she is having a great time and Meg and I are very envious!


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