Counting the Days!


So surgery is set for next Tuesday, March 3rd!  As it gets closer I am getting nervous about everything.  I am not concerned with the actual surgery but with what might cancel the surgery that I have no control over.  This past Monday we went in for the final blood work and meetings with the surgeons etc….  It went fairly well except my surgeon was out sick so I met with a different surgeon.  Now I would rather have met with my surgeon but if he has to get sick better it was the week before my surgery than the week of my surgery.  We did learn that this surgery is very important to the Yale Transplant Center as it is the largest paired exchange to happen in the State ever, so it is in their interest to make sure it happens.  Both Meg and I had to sign press agreements and agree to participate in a post surgery press conference if they are all successful.  Apparently there is one altruistic donor in this paired chain that helped to make this all possible.  So if we do a press conference we will all have to meet each other.  My main anxiety comes from the idea of change and my natural skepticism to my ability to adjust to change.  I am looking forward to feeling better, going back to eating a lot of foods I’ve been missing and being able to urinate like a normal person.  I am not looking forward to the hospital but I must endure it to get the new kidney.

My treatments continue although we still can’t access one of my button holes.  My nurse has given up trying and just puts one sharp needle in and then I put in the other needle thru my arterial button-hole (although it now has become the venus hole).  My nurse has given up the thought of establishing a new button-hole although she will be able to if the surgery doesn’t happen, but she and my doctor said why bother with the Transplant so close.  This week she has been coming to my house so I can dialyze at home so my schedule has returned somewhat to normal and I like that.  I am off today and Sunday but will dialyze on Saturday and then again on Monday so I am down to only two more treatments and then this nightmare will be over.  Now I will have a new set of challenges to deal with after the transplant but tomorrow is another day!


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