The Human Pin Cushion


So my challenges with my Venus Hole Access continue.  This past weekend my nurse came out and we tried my venus hole again after having letting the swelling reduce for like 4 days.  I tried it with a blunt needle – no luck.  My nurse tried it with a blunt needle – no luck!  My nurse then put a sharp needle down my button-hole – NO LUCK!  So we went back to a sharp needle in a different place – I am starting to feel like a pin cushion and my arm is starting to look like one giant bruise.  We can do dialysis this way it is just a pain to have to take my supplies into my training center.  Hopefully we will settle upon a schedule where I go in for a couple of days and then my nurse comes to my house for a couple of days.

Monday Meg and I went to Yale New Haven Hospital for both the pre admission screening and Meg had a blood test and an EKG and I just had an EKG.  The screening was basically the same info I did in December about the drugs I am currently on and what to do the night before surgery and the morning of surgery.  After the Yale appointments I came home and gathered supplies to take to my Dialysis Home Training Center for treatment.  My nurse had scheduled me to see Dr. Rosenblatt about my access on Tuesday, during which he confirmed my vein has moved and then he did another fistula gram.  This is where they look at my vein and then put a balloon up in and inflate it to change the location of the vein.  He then drew on my arm where he believes my venus access should be.  It is apparently about 2mm off from the current button-hole.


So at this point I don’t know what we will do.  My nurse can try to establish a new button-hole.  This takes about 7-9 treatments with a sharp needle being inserted into the same spot at the same angle.  Then I can continue to use it with blunt needles.  The problem (good problem) is that I only have like 8 treatments until my transplant!  In other good news they have given up on the emla cream as this creates a skin reaction that is very annoying and the think is what created this current problem.  They are now injecting near each access site with lidocaine, a numbing agent that makes the needling experience pain-free.  While it creates a pain-free needling, it is more needles being injected into me and that is nerve wracking.  Hopefully this will all end with a successful transplant.

In other news – Carolyn is having a blast in Spain.  She has started her classes and her internship with a local K-12 school.  She is making friends and has planned a holy week trip to the rest of Europe – she will go to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.  She is also booking some weekend trips to Barcelona and Italy.  It is hard to think of a weekend trip to Italy so think of it as like a weekend trip to Chicago.  Once you are on the other side of the atlantic it is not as big a deal to travel within Europe.  Then she has a spring break trip (as to opposed to a holy week trip) to Morocco with the program she is in Granada for.  She should return a seasoned world traveler!

Wedding plans also continue.  This week we ordered invitations – this should give me something to do during my recovery from surgery period.  Kate also met with a florist in Providence this week and we got the final menu plans (minus the desert option) from the caterer for the reception.  Kate is coming to visit this weekend for my birthday and we hope to make some more decisions and review the first proof of the invitation.  And because there is not enough going on I am in the middle of getting the info together for my taxes and I have to complete Carolyn’s financial aid forms.  All before the surgery!  Keeps my mind off of my dialysis challenges.


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