Life Goes On


So we got Carolyn off to Spain – finally!  She was scheduled for a flight on the Monday evening of the Blizzard of 2015 which turned out to be just a major snow fall and not the blizzard they anticipated.  But the roads were all closed between home and JFK and the flight got cancelled and she was rescheduled for a flight on Wednesday.  I thought that more students would have been delayed by the storm but apparently only Carolyn was delayed getting to Spain, so she had to get herself from the Malaga Airport to her home stay in Granada.  She finally made it although it was a very long day while we waited to hear from her that everything worked.  She hooked up with her home stay host and then eventually with the people from her program and she is in full orientation now and having a blast!  Her orientation goes thru this week and ends with a two-day trip to Seville before her classes begin the next week.  She is also doing an internship with a local business.  So far her Spanish is holding up but the hope is that she becomes as fluent as possible.  She also will be doing a couple of short side trips, one thru her program for a week to Morocco.  She also has Holy Week off from school so she may try to do another trip that week.  While she is having a great time her mother and I can’t wait until May when she returns.


Meanwhile my treatments are continuing.  I have been taking off more water in an attempt to lose some of the weight I put on over the Christmas holidays.  My weight has come down to my surgery goal weight but the side effects have been some considerable pain from cramping.  It has come in some weird places like cramps in individual toes and fingers, in my ankles and on the inside of my upper thigh.  Not usual places that I get dialysis cramps and very painful.  I have been treating this pain with tonic water which usually helps but has not been lately.  The cramping has been keeping me from sleeping for any length of time.  I get to sleep and then get a cramp that wakes me up with considerable pain.  I am trying to keep my weight as low as possible because I will not get much notice of an impending transplant and I don’t want anything (like my weight) to prevent or postpone it again.  I have to be ready on like a weeks notice – so I must endure this cramping for now.  I am meeting with my nephrologist next week and will ask him about the cramping.


Meanwhile the planning for Kate’s Wedding continues.  Earlier this week we reviewed the wording for the invitation and this weekend we will meet with Kate and Kenny and finalize the plans for the invitation.  Meg and I are going to Providence this weekend for a tasting at the Providence Public Library with Kate and Kenny.  We will sample potential hors d’oeuvres as well as potential meals for the dinner.  We will also meet with the wedding planner from the caterer and hear their ideas of what has worked at other receptions.  It is just a one day trip to Providence.  We may try to do a couple of other stops along the way and hopefully have some time for Meg to start dress shopping.




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