Moving During a Polar Vortex!


So we successfully moved Kate out of her apartment in Pawtucket.  She moved most of her belongings into temporary storage at her fiancés family farm into a cleaned out animal stall in an unused barn.  She will be living temporarily with an aunt of her fiancé until the wedding and then moving in to Kenny’s apartment in Waltham after his current room-mate finds a new place to live.  It was VERY cold and I was not much help in this process.  In the morning I  worked mainly in the apartment packing and moving boxes to the back porch to stay out of the cold.  Unloading was worse as it was even colder in the barn but windy outside by the truck.  Fortunately Kenny’s father (Ken) came and helped with the unloading and then invited us over to his house to warm up and have some tea.  Mrs. Carberry and Kenny’s twin sister Maura came home while we were there and we had a nice visit and watched the beginning of the Patriots vs. Ravens game.  At the half we went to check into our hotel and then visit Kenny’s apartment and then to a late dinner with Kate and Kenny.  Sunday we returned the Uhaul and then met Kate and Kenny on Federal Hill in Providence for a nice birthday brunch for Kenny.  Then home to dialyze.  Meg and I are very happy that Kate is out of Pawtucket and is now living with someone again.


So Tuesday it was off to yet another Doctors appointment.  This time it was with my regular GP!  I really like my doctor but sometimes I wonder if he really pays any attention to what I tell him.  His first question was about my job – I have previously told him I am no longer working while trying to get a transplant.  Back when I was scheduled I had called and asked the nurses to tell my Dr. that I was scheduled for a transplant etc…   I then told him the transplant was cancelled three days prior to the operation and he was surprised it was even supposed to happen.  Now I realize he has thousands of patients but how many can be on the Transplant list!  On the plus side he does remember the important medical details.  The good news was my blood work.  My blood count is great!  My A-1C is down!  Cholesterol is great!  The only problem is a low vitamin D in my Blood so I got a new prescription.  My Blood Pressure was so good I have been taken off ALL blood pressure medicine!  I have been taking Blood Pressure medicine since Carolyn was a baby (she turns 20 this year) and I had a stroke caused by high blood pressure like 7 years ago so this is very.  Now after I get a transplant I may need to resume some BP medicine and I may not – it will depend on how I respond to kidney function 24 hours a day vs 20 hours per week – something I am really looking forward to experiencing.


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