Parenting Woes


Every parent has the goal of always being able to make things better for their children but the older they get the less able we are to do that.  As they grow older and eventually move away it becomes tougher and tougher to help your children with any challenges or problems.  Recently my oldest daughter has had several problems that I can’t really help her with other than advice, which is only worth what you paid for it – nothing.  Her apartment was broken into and she was robbed – mainly taken were her lap top and jewelry.  Everything else was tossed but nothing else taken.  The good news was that she wasn’t home at the time and everything that was taken can, in time, be replaced.  She is temporarily living with her fiancé and it looks like she has some other temporary housing set up until the Wedding in June.  I am happy she is out of her old neighborhood but as a father you want to protect your children from things like this in the first place.

Then this week she had a blow out on the highway on the way to work.  Fortunately she was able to get off the road and the state repair truck that patrols the highway was there and able to assist her right away and she was able to get to work.  After work she was able to get a new tire and the tire place was able to repair the rim of the wheel.  Now, intellectually I realize that there is nothing I could have done to prevent this, the father in me wants to spare his child the stress of a situation like this.  The fact that she called me when it happened and I couldn’t really make anything better angers me although I know there is nothing I could do as she had dealt with the situation already.

This weekend Meg and I are going to Pawtucket to help Kate move out all her stuff from her old apartment.  She has arranged temporary storage at her fiancé’s families farm for her belongings and we will then unload the stuff going into storage.  Not sure how much actual ‘help’ I can be.  I am doing better than I was a year ago, but am still pretty weak and don’t have that much energy.  I am afraid to do any real heavy lifting for fear of damaging my fistula or my access to my veins.  It will be more like load a box, rest, load a box, rest,  repeat.  Meg and I are planning to stay the night and take Kate & Kenny out for dinner as it is Kenny’s birthday this weekend.  Hopefully we will get the chance to visit Kenny’s apartment where they will live after the wedding in June.  Unfortunately my other daughter is unable to join us as she is taking a class that meets all day Saturday and Sunday.  We will miss her both for her muscles as well as company as she will soon be leaving for Spain so we only have her for a couple of more weeks.  Hopefully before she goes to Spain we will have a fun weekend with her and Kate and we will make some Paella to get her set for Spain!


One thought on “Parenting Woes

  1. Sorry to hear of your daughter’s mishaps. I know how you feel about being unable to help when you want to. My younger daughter lives in Rhode Island also and works crazy hours. I worry when the weather is bad and she is driving home at 10 pm with a 40 minute commute. Fortunately she is married and her husband takes very good care of her but I worry just the same.

    Be there for your daughter this weekend but TAKE IT EASY!!!! Look out for #1 (you!) first. Your moral support will be worth more to her than any exertion you do. Don’t overdue it!

    All my best, Lynda

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