New Year Resolutions


So the New Year is fully upon us and a lot of people have the New Years Resolution of going to the gym.  This is certainly true at the gym I go to and while at first I was bothered by it, mainly the trouble getting a parking space, I realized that a year ago I was one of the people who the regulars were annoyed with, and now, I am a regular.  Once inside, my gym has lots of equipment and space but the parking lot is a different story.  I watch as people struggle with programming the treadmill or trying to figure out the elliptical machine and realize that at one point we were all like that.  Now I realize that a lot of these people will peter out and stop coming but a year ago I was one that started going to the gym and kept at it.  When I first started going I could only do like 15 minutes on the treadmill at a very slow pace.  After a year I do an 45 minutes to an hour (depending on how much time I have) at a decent clip.  I still refrain from doing any weights because of the challenges it gives me when I put in my needles to dialyze, but I am fairly faithful to cardio 5-6 times per week.  This resulted in my losing over 30 lbs. this past year.

So this year I am hoping to continue in this regular habit of going to the gym as well as the improved diet I have been trying to follow.  This was a little stretched over the holidays but we are planning to get back to it with the New Year.  Today (Monday, January 5, 2015) the gym was fairly empty as compared to last Friday and Saturday when the parking lot was full to overflowing and most, but not all, of the machines were in use.  Today parking was great and there was just the regulars and a handful of unfamiliar faces – I guess a lot of people still work!  Probably will have more of a crowd after work or this evening.

No word on the transplant front.  I have not heard anything back from Yale.  Not that I was expecting results this quickly but you never know.   I did do my regular monthly Blood Test last Thursday and took it in to my Training Nurse on Friday and also made an appointment for my monthly Dr. visit for this Friday.  I don’t hold much hope for a good appointment as most of it will be based on the Blood Test that I did after two weeks of holiday food.  Not that we went overboard but compared to our regular menu it was fairly extravagant.  After the transplant was canceled last month we went into a depression that we treated with food for the holidays.  Knowing that I had probably 4 months to a year of waiting for the paired exchange to come thru I also knew I had time to get my blood work back in shape.  My dry weight has only gone up by a pound or two and that should come off now that we are back on the regulars diet and back to the gym.


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