A Year Passing


So Christmas has come and gone and I am approaching the one year mark since working.  While I certainly miss working and adjusting to life on disability pay has been challenging, going on disability was the correct decision.  I still stay in contact with people from work and am able to attend the odd event now and then so I can keep some contact with volunteers I’ve worked with for years.  I still hope to get the transplant done in the coming year and after recovery hope to return to the BSA – somewhere.

This past year has not been a total waste of time, several great things have occurred.  I have lost over 30 lbs. since I started going back to the gym!  My daughters both had good years – Carolyn in adjusting and thriving at Ithaca!  and Kate & Kenny got engaged!!  We had a great family vacation in Rhode Island and just had a very nice Christmas once recovered from the ‘no transplant now’ decision.  It should be a fairly quiet New Years celebration.  Carolyn, Meg and I went into New York City yesterday as I had the day off from treatment and we visited the Metropolitan Museum, saw the lights on 5th Avenue and the tree at Rockefeller Center and then a nice dinner in Times Square.

The problem with waiting for a paired donation transplant is that their really is not anything I can do to move the process forward.  This past year I had things to do – I had to lose weight, get approvals from my other doctors, and then get my blood chemistry acceptable for transplant, but now it relies on the ability to find a recipient for Meg’s kidney who has a donor whose kidney I can accept.  Intellectually I know this will work but it just seems crazy to have to be beholden on others and there is nothing I can do to speed up the process.


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