Extreme Disappointment


Well, today was originally supposed to be the day of my transplant surgery.  Friday we were called late in the day to tell us the final results from the blood matching we had drawn on Monday came back and the transplant is off for now.  Apparently there is a strong possibility for rejection so erring on the side of caution it has been postponed for now.  Meg and I have an appointment with her surgeon this afternoon to find out what, if anything, we can do to get this blood level changed or what the next steps would be in finding a different donor, paired exchange or just waiting for a cadaver kidney.  This was a big blow and very disappointing to say the least.  Now everything is in a state of flux and we are uncertain as to what the future holds.

Last week I met with the dietician, pharmacist & social worker and everything was about what I can and can’t do and eat after transplant and how to best adjust to this new life.  They gave us all kinds of information and notebooks with more information and now it all seems useless.  I know that at some point we still may need it and go thru the transplant but now that seems a long way off.

On the plus side – Kate and Kenny came to visit and since they were taking some of their vacations and they can’t save it for later use, they came to Shelton anyway so it is nice to visit with them.  Carolyn comes home today from Ithaca so we will all be together for a short visit.  It is also weird being all set for christmas now with 10 days still to go.  We had a deadline to get everything done and for the most part we did all the shopping and wrapping.  There is still some last-minute items to get that I was going to get this past weekend but now can get at my leisure over the next 10 days.  We hadn’t done any food shopping yet for Christmas since we didn’t know yet what we would feel like but now we can do whatever we want – and dialyze at the same time.

I think that having to continue with treatments is the biggest blow.  I was counting the days until I could stop dialyzing and was down to only 3 treatments left but now I had to place and emergency order for more supplies.  On Wednesday they will drop off another months worth of dialysis supplies and we are back on the daily dialysis treadmill! Ugh!



One thought on “Extreme Disappointment

  1. Dave, There are no words I can say that will help the disappointment you’re feeling about the postponement and the need to continue with your dialysis. I know that God is looking out for you and the rest of your family. My prayers will continue that 2015 will bring good news to you and good health will prevail. For now I’ll wish you a Christmas filled with hope and sunshine for the new year.

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