Light Is Finally In The Tunnel!


So Meg and I had our final office visits prior to the transplant yesterday. Yale has become concerned about the PTH (Para-Thyroid Hormone) level in my blood. It has been slowly elevating over the past six months. My nephrologist has tried to bring it down a couple of ways to little result. So last week Yale called all in a tizzy about the level and they also called my training nurse. I met with my nephrologist Friday and he prescribed another medication that should lower the level. So now I have another blood test on Friday for the PTH level. If that stays the same as last week or goes down (which is the hope) we will be good to go, if it goes up we may be postponed. One of the surgeons explained that there are two schools of thought regarding the PTH level – one (my nephrologist and one of my surgeons) is that the PTH level doesn’t matter and that transplant is the solution to that problem. The other thought is that patients with high PTH levels prior to transplant have a greater chance of rejection. The transplant coordinator is in this camp and my surgeon is leaning that way. So we will do the next blood test with hope.

We also had meetings with both of our surgeons, a dietician, a pharmacist, a social worker, an anesthesiologist, had a chest X-ray, and completed pre admission screening. It was a lot of information and I was given a notebook with post-surgery instructions. While in the hospital I will meet with all these people to review the recovery process and steps to take not take etc…. After transplant I will meet twice per week at the transplant center for the first month then once a week for the next month. Meg can drive after like two weeks and I should be able to drive after a month. Meg should be home by like Thursday and I may get out Friday or Saturday!

We like both surgeons. Megs is the head of the kidney transplant program and mine is the overall head of the transplant center and does kidney and liver transplants and has done extensive work in living donor kidney transplants. His name also is David so that is a good sign!

Kate will be here the day before the surgery and Kenny will be joining her to wait with her during the surgery. Kate will be with us until I am out of the hospital so that she can get me home. Carolyn is driving home on the day of the surgery after completing finals and she is home until she goes to Granada Spain at the end of January.  So we have lots of support in place and feel confident we have done everything we can to make this a success.


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