Understatement – I Am A Bit Stressed


So next week is my final exam at Yale before the transplant and difficulties are looming.  The Transplant Center called and told me after reviewing my latest blood work from November my PTH levels are approaching the level where we have to post pone the transplant.  Now they won’t tell me what to do to get this in check only that it is too high.  So I called my training nurse and she tells me they are telling her the same thing but that she thinks they are being unreasonable.  I did my regular blood test on Tuesday and on Wednesday when I brought it in to the clinic I also had to give some more blood for yet another test.  Now I have an appointment with one of the nephrologists today.  Hopefully my blood test results will be back by then and everything will be back to normal but the stress from this is tough.  If they could only tell me to quit eating XYZ or take this prescription or something that would fix the problem.

So Monday I go to Yale for a full day of poking and prodding – starting at 7:15 AM with yet another Blood Test.  They also want a urine sample and I would love to be able to give them one but I doubt that will happen as I haven’t pee’d in a year and a half!  I will also have an EKG, meetings with Dietician, Pharmacist & Social Worker, a meeting with Meg and her Surgeon then I meet with my surgeon and then I have a complete physical.  The afternoon is devoted to Pre-Admission Testing – no idea what that entails.  Hopefully by the end of the day I will know if we are going forward with the date of the 16th for the transplant.

Obviously we will do whatever they say, not that we have a choice, but we have all the support in place for the week of the 16th including that both my daughters will be here when Meg and gets out of the hospital and Meg has every thing set with her work.  Carolyn is home from around December 16th until she goes to Spain on January 25th.  To postpone this to January is possible but some of the support we need will not be available and we will have to figure that out.




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