Many Countdowns!


So with the start of December many start the “countdown” of how many days till Christmas or how many shopping days left to go or how many days in the end of the year.  I am counting down  most of those but what I am most anxious about is the Countdown to my transplant.  Today is December 1st and I have my final testing scheduled in one week and the actual transplant in two weeks!  The major concern is my weight.  I have been fluctuating around my optimum BMI (Body Mass Index) and not able to get much lower.  I gain weight every day and only lose any weight (water) on days that I dialyze.  I have been trying to exercise every day, but my transportation just went to Ithaca for the next two weeks.  Since Carolyn will finish finals the day I go in the hospital we had her take my car back to school with her since Meg and I won’t be able to go get her at the end of her semester.  She will leave Ithaca when we are in surgery.  So for the next two weeks I have to exercise at home or do yard work depending on the weather cooperating!  So my final Countdowns include the number of days till my final testing – days till my operation – and the days I have left to complete my Christmas Shopping since I won’t have any time after the operation to do any!

Thanksgiving was great!  Carolyn had a whole week off so the Friday before I did the round trip to Ithaca to get her and a friend from California that spent the break with us in CT!  On the Sunday before Thanksgiving we went to Stamford for the Balloon Parade followed by lunch at the Dinosaur BBQ!  Thanksgiving was fairly low-key since I had to dialyze before dinner and then I went thru dinner with the Dialysis Hangover so I didn’t really enjoy the meal.  Friday Meg and the girls went to the Danbury Mall while I went to the gym and then did my shopping online!  Kate and Kenny came Friday evening having spent Thanksgiving with Kenny’s family on Cape Cod.  Saturday we stacked some fire wood while I had a crew to help and then did some small store shopping.  Saturday night I took the whole crew out to dinner at a very nice local Asian Fusion restaurant – Red Lotus.  Sunday we went to church and it was nice to have Kate/Kenny & Carolyn with us.

After Church we came home and had leftover Red Lotus for lunch then every one loaded up and headed back to Ithaca and Massachusetts.  It is now back to Meg and I and our animals.  The dog doesn’t seem to care but the cat misses having all kinds of people to pay her attention!  The goal for this week is to basically starve my self and/or work myself to death so that my weight doesn’t prevent/postpone the surgery.


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