Six Weeks Out and Excitement is Replaced with Fear!

images-3So we are like six weeks out until the transplant and a nervous fear is starting to set in.  Since my first visit to the transplant center in February I have been excited about this possibility and then when Meg was approved as a donor match is started to seem real.    Now that we have an actual date that excitement is turning in to a nervous fear.  I have been researching transplants and especially the recovery process and so now I am dwelling on the negative things that can happen to both donors and recipients.  The problem is that they run the range of great experiences and an easy recovery to very painful experiences and an extended uncomfortable recovery.  Of course my reality will probably be somewhere in between but it is still very disconcerting not knowing what will happen.

In the coming weeks I will be meeting with the Yale Surgeon and the Transplant Nephrologist so I hope to know more after those meetings and have some idea of what to expect.  Next week I go into Yale for a Cardiac Stress Test and then an Echo Cardiogram and then I end the week with an appointment with my Cardiologist for him to sign off on the transplant – I guess I need to have a healthy heart to survive this after all.

Not much else going on right now.  I am trying to deal with all the leaves but am in a holding pattern while waiting for the last to fall.  I have done like three afternoons of leaves so far and want to end it with one more long day and then I can winterize the tractor and get out the snow blower so we are ready for the winter.  My problem for this winter will be that I will be out of commission for most of it, but my daughter Carolyn will be home for most of January and will have to deal with snow blowing/shoveling.

In some good news this past week, Carolyn has been accepted into the semester abroad program in Granada, Spain!  She will be living with a host family and taking classes all taught in Spanish so hopefully she will improve her language skills.  We are very excited for her and she is now in the process of applying for a Visa for Spain and in selecting her classes that she will be taking.  Meg and I are hoping to be able to visit her while she is in Spain.  This is a long shot possibility for me as my recovery may take 5 – 6 months so I may not be able to go on a big trip like this, so it may just be Meg  that gets to visit Carolyn.