All I Want For Christmas is a New – Or Slightly Used – Kidney!

UnknownSo this past week has been one of ups and downs, frustrations and elation.  It started with no real news from Yale about preceding and then on Wednesday we talked with my transplant coordinator about possible dates in December for the transplant but there was some confusion about my BMI and what is my actual height and weight.  Then at the end of the week  I got a call from Yale that I have a new transplant coordinator and that I need to re-do my stress test and the echo-cardiogram and that until I can get the heart approval I will be on the inactive list.  I tried in vain late Friday to try to schedule these tests with my cardiologists office but apparently they need to be ordered by a physician so I called back to Yale and asked them to have the Doctor fax an order back to my cardiologists office and to contact United Health Care about approval for the test.  So over the weekend I was very depressed over lack of positive movement but as long as I could get the heart testing done in the next ten days I should still be able to make a January transplant date before Carolyn leaves for Spain.

Late Sunday evening I got an email from Yale that they can do the heart testing at Yale.  My new transplant coordinator called today (Monday) and told me that Yale will do the testing this week and that they are scheduling me for a December 16th Transplant!  So it looks like everything is starting to come together to make this happen.  Apparently Yale has the approval from United Health Care to do the Transplant and whatever testing they deem I need to get that done.  Now I am sure that a lot of other things need to happen but once Yale gives me an actual date they will make whatever  has to happen work so that we can get this done.

I am still in that ecstatic phase and am letting my family know about these possible dates.  I am sure that fear/concern will set in soon.  As a part of my daily routine I follow some daily blogs of patients on ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) and going thru transplants and dialysis as well as a large Facebook group with like 9000 members who are all donors or recipients of Kidney transplants.  Recipients range from getting up and walking the same day as the transplant to up to a week in bed.  Coming home with only aspirin for pain medicine to having months of high intensity pain meds.  Obviously time will tell and there is not really anything more I can do to make it a smooth procedure.  So it looks like I will get that new kidney for Christmas!  December 16th is about 45 days away!


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