Multiple Doctor Visits This Week!


So last Tuesday I went and had a fistula gram where they shoot my access full of an anesthetic and then scan my access to see where if it needs moving at all and then put a balloon up it and inflate it to move the vein.  I have it done every 3-4 months as routine maintenance on my access and while it does hurt a little, if I don’t have someone to drive me to this appointment they won’t give me the anesthesia and then it really hurts.  Last weeks procedure seem to go fairly well until the anesthesia didn’t seem to wear off and the whole area of my button holes remained numb, but under the skin, and felt kind of weird.  After calling the doctor’s office on Thursday they called back on Friday and I had another visit Monday.  The numbness has gone down some since then but it is still there.  After explaining everything to first the receptionist (just to get an appointment) I then went thru everything with two different nurses and then a Physicians Assistant and finally got to see the doctor.  After all this he decided it is not really an issue it is just a hematoma in my arm where some of the blood mixed with the anesthesia in the area of my button holes.  Now the good news in all this is that while putting my needles in I have no sensation of discomfort at all, but it just feels weird to not feel anything.

On Tuesday I had my monthly appointment with my Nephrologist.  We review my blood work for the month and generally how things are going and they review my medications etc….   This month I actually saw my nephrologist, Dr. Kim!  The doctors in the practice rotate their visits with the patients on dialysis at the various clinics and centers so that the patients get to know all the doctors and vice versa.  Every order is reviewed by Dr. Kim and he consults with all the other doctors regularly but I hadn’t seen him since last November.  The visit went fairly well although my phosphorus was a little high so we need to redo the blood test for this month.  He knew about my progress towards a transplant and didn’t change any of my treatment plans so that things stay as normal as possible up until the transplant.

On the transplant front I am down to only 1 pound to go.  This sounds so easy to do yet at the same time incredibly difficult.  Most of the weight we possess is in the form of water from the liquids we consume.  I eat so little that the actual food converts to energy or waste but the water is only removed thru dialysis.  Today is a day off from treatment so I will not lose any weight and will probably go up like 3-4 pounds by the time I do a treatment tomorrow.I can take that off in a day or so of treatments but if I take off too much and get below my “dry” weight I tend to get cramping in my legs, feet, stomach and/or jaw.  Despite all this I am still hopeful that I will hit my goal weight by next week and be able to schedule the transplant.


So this past weekend we went to Providence to see both Kate and Carolyn.  The main purpose of the trip was dress shopping for the wedding and the good news is that she has made a selection and we have ordered the dress!  Other than she looked great don’t ask me to describe it other than it has a V neckline in both the front and back and is Champagne in color!  The bridesmaids also have selected a dress for the wedding.  We also visited St. Dominick’s Chapel at PC where the wedding will be and the hotel we are planning to stay at for the weekend.  Both will work well for the wedding.  It was also our anniversary so we all went out for a nice dinner – Mexican on Federal Hill!  It was great to see the girls and it will probably be out last trip until after the transplant and recovery.


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