So Close!


So my weight loss efforts are finally paying off.  I am down to needing to lose around 2 lbs.!  I have been pretty serious about both my diet and my exercise routine.  Dieting was a challenge but we have finally gotten used to much smaller portions, no carbs, lots of salads, and no desserts.  It was a hard adjustment because a lot of what you would think of as “healthy” foods are not on my renal diet.  I had to get used to no dairy, no beans, no nuts, and certain vegetables are out as well.  Exercise has been mainly walking.  I try to get to the gym, or the beach, or a park to walk in at least 6 times per week.  When I started in January I could only do about 15 minutes at a time and then I would be dead for the rest of the day.  Now I can go up to around 90 minutes on the treadmill.  I don’t do any weights because every time I use my hands for any weights – even gripping – I tend to mover my veins and then can’t find blood when I do my treatments.  This happened most recently on Thursday of this week and I was forced to abort my treatment.  It was also the day that I was doing my monthly blood test and that got aborted also because I need samples both before and after treatment.

I spoke with my transplant coordinator, Joyce, at the Yale Transplant Center this past week.  I told her I was about 5 lbs. away and asked what are the next steps in this process.  She said as soon as I hit my goal weight to let them know and they can then schedule the transplant.  Once my transplant is scheduled I will have visits with the Yale nephrologist and the surgeons.  So hopefully by the middle of October I will be able to call them and we can schedule the transplant.  Our goal is to try to have the Transplant before Christmas!  Joyce told me it is about a month between calling when I hit my weight goal and the transplant.  I am nervous about the transplant but at the same time excited and looking forward to getting off dialysis.  Apparently the whole recovery process is more involved than you would think. I am not yet sure how that will go and what exactly to expect.  But that will be questions for the Yale nephrologists and Surgeon.

Not much else going on.  This past week I did attend a retirement dinner for a fellow co-worker.  It was nice to get out with Meg and see people I have no seen much since going on disability.  Next weekend we are planning a trip to Providence.  Carolyn is flying in and we are hooking up with Kate to go dress shopping for her wedding.  It will also be our 29th Wedding Anniversary next Sunday, October 12th, so Saturday evening we will do a big anniversary dinner with everyone in Providence.  So this week will be a daily two hours at the gym to lose this final 2 lbs.!


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