Let The Madness Begin!


So wedding madness gets into full swing this weekend!  Kate and two of her college roommates (who are also attendants at her wedding) are coming to Shelton to start the wedding dress search!  While I don’t think this will, by any means, be the end of this process – I know how Kate agonizes and procrastinates over big decisions – I think she gets that from me!  I don’t think she will even wind up buying her dress from a shop in CT but she will eventually get off her duff and find some locations to look at near where she lives.  Not sure how everything is going to work but I think I am charged with taking pictures of all choices to send to Carolyn – who wanted to be here for the shopping but can’t really leave Ithaca.   All I know is that if she makes a decision about a dress, and Carolyn has not yet seen a picture of it – I will be a dead man!

Health wise – things are going slowly but in the right direction.  I had my monthly visit with my nephrologist’s office this week.  My monthly report card was good for all my levels that they check.  My KT/V (adequacy of dialysis treatment) was very good and came in at 2.14 and my phosphorus improved from 5.9 last month to 4.0 this month which is a great improvement.  My Blood Pressure was too low.  It came in at 102/60 sitting and liked 75/50 standing.  That morning my pressure was like 130/75 so I took my BP medicine which turns out to be a mistake.  I wound up having to add Saline to my Blood like three times during my treatment that evening.   I did get my  flu shot at my visit.  My training nurse will come out to visit me during a treatment to give me my epo shot and iron right into my blood line during a treatment.  I don’t know why they couldn’t do that with the Flu shot but apparently I needed to get suck with a needle.  Not that I am afraid of needles but with the number of needles that I tend to get stuck by it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong with a needle stick.


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