Transplant Prospect




So the idea of having a Kidney Transplant is slowly becoming a reality.  When I first started looking into a transplant it seemed like an unreachable goal, kind of like winning the lottery.  While that kind of luck happens to some people, I don’t count myself as that type.  Not that it couldn’t happen, but I don’t think it very likely.  So I preferred to not think about the possibility rather than dwell on all the things that needed to happen first.   In February I went for the initial screening at the Yale Transplant Center and not much was done to change my mind.  It seemed to me like I might have to wait several years on the transplant list and at that point in my treatments I was still pretty weak and was having regular problems with my treatments.  My brother and sister both wanted to go thru the testing to be a donor but both have had their own significant health issues and I didn’t want to put them thru the strain of the transplant, and Yale cooperated by agreeing with me and my diagnosis.  I thought my daughters might be possible donors but didn’t want to subject them, mainly due to the interruption it would cause in their lives.  One is just starting her career and the other is in college and I didn’t want to ask them.  At the initial screening we found out that Meg could be tested to be a donor.  I thought this a long shot, but worth it.  I was excited and surprised when the results were for a match although she would need more extensive testing.  Well she has completed the testing, the results are good and now we are ready to proceed pending my weight loss.

It is hard to get an accurate picture of my weight as I put on weight daily and only take off water (lose weight) when I dialyze.  Also there is a 4 lbs. discrepancy between my scale and the scale at my doctor’s office.  So I have somewhere between 8 – 14 pounds to go.  In the end the only scale that really matters is the one at Yale Transplant Center.  I did have a good doctors visit with my nephrologist yesterday.  All my levels were fairly good except for my phosphorus which we just re-checked.  I did talk with the dietician about more strategies to lose weight and improve my diet.  Hopefully with school starting for Meg and Carolyn going back to Ithaca, life will get back to a normal routine and I can concentrate on dropping these last pounds.

My treatments continue five days a week and on my off days I have had some energy to do things with my wife.  In the old days I would call them dates, but now it is more like and evening out – movie, shopping, overnight trip etc…  During my treatments I have been planning a major trip to take with Meg after/if this transplant happens.  While no decision has been made yet, it will probably have to wait until after the wedding and probably even for Carolyn to graduate.  We are looking at an Alaskan Cruise or a trip to a national park like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon or Yosemite.  I am hoping that over time to get to all of these and more places that I haven’t even thought of yet.  While six months ago this was only a dream, today it is a light at the end of a long tunnel.



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