Engagement Party – Done!


We made it thru the weekend festivities and survived!  It was a lot of work but well worth it in the end.  Meg and I put on an engagement party BBQ for Kate and Kenny this past weekend.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday and the night cooperated and everyone had a nice time.  I spent most of Friday working my smoker to get the pork ready.  We did two large Pork Butts (total of 20 lbs.) for pulled pork sliders.  On Saturday I smoked chicken wings, we also did shrimp and some salads and lots of beer and wine and we had enough food to feed a small army.  Kate and Kenny came the day before and helped get everything ready both inside and outside for the party.  WE decided we need to entertain more because this forces us to get the projects done we have been putting off.  My back yard looks better than it has in a long while and our house inside is cleaner than its been in a while.  It was fun to put on this event.  Both my parents and Meg’s mom did engagement parties for us and we wanted to do the same for Kate.  We were also  pleased that Kenny’s parents, sisters and grandfather were able to come help celebrate with us.  Carolyn and Niels were able to get the night off from camp to come down for the party and were a big help cleaning up at the end.  While I didn’t think I had over bought for this, I seem to have a lot of beer and wine left over.  While I am sure it will find a home at some point I am not drinking nearly as much or as frequently since we are trying to lose weight so we can move forward with the transplant.

Meg spent another half a day at Yale this week to finish the testing for the transplant.  The next step is the review by the transplant panel that will make the final decision about whether or not to proceed.  Hopefully our case is being presented at the next panel meeting and we should have a go ahead in the next two – three weeks.  I only have another 10 pounds to lose as well as some final testing and then they can schedule the procedure.  It is starting to get very real.  We hope to complete this all by the end of the year.  In January Carolyn is scheduled to go to spain for the spring semester and we have Kate’s wedding in June so it would be nice to be off dialysis especially by the wedding.

My treatments have been going alright.  I did miss one last week due to an air in the line issue that I couldn’t resolve and that the tech support couldn’t get fixed over the phone.  So I was instructed to abort and I lost some blood but as I hadn’t really started it was only a small loss.  Then they sent me a box and bags to send back the cartridge to Nexstage so they can check it out to make sure it is not a manufacturing issue.  The problem was that I had an off day on Saturday and then this happened  on Sunday so by Monday’s treatment time I really felt awful.  Once I finally go going I slowly started to feel better and after two or three days of regular treatments I feel back to normal – or at least normal on dialysis feeling.


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