I’m Back – But Pre-occupied!


Sorry I have been preoccupied lately and have neglected this blog.  Treatments have been going on the whole very well since I returned from Rhode Island.  We haven’t missed any although we had one day where we had to replace a cartridge during treatment and re-prime the machine.  It got to where we could only run for 30-45 seconds before it would shut down.  It turned out there was a severe kink (twisting of a line) within the cartridge that kept shutting the machine down.  At that rate it would have taken like 6 hours to complete the normally 3 hour and 15 minutes that I generally run for.  So taking off for 45 minutes to change cartridges seemed prudent.  Meg had to do all the work since I still had needles in my arm with heparinized saline in the lines.  I was able to talk her thru the set up process which she has seen before but not really officially learned how to do.  Once replaced the run went very well.  I also had one issue this month where when I went to do my blood work for the month I didn’t have enough of a specific tube for the test.  If you use a different tube then you are suppose to use the lab freaks out.  It was compounded by the long weekend so I had to do the test at the end of it.  Usually I do my blood draw on the last day of a 3 day run of treatments.  This gets the cleanest results and thus an easier doctor visit that month.  This time it was on the first day of a new run of treatments.  So I am not looking forward to my doctor visit.

My preoccupation these past two weeks have been due to my daughters recent engagement.  No definite plans have been made yet but I have been compiling places for Kate to review to prioritize for the reception.  The time of the day  that I usually do my blog posts was spent looking for reception venues.  Then Meg and I got into the planning for an engagement party for  Kate & Kenny and also moving Carolyn into summer camp for the season.  But I have sent Kate her spreadsheet to review and Carolyn is firmly ensconced at Deer Lake so life can get back to normal  – for a little while at least.


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