Dialysis Continues


So every time I post how well things are going they turn around. Last post I mentioned how well my treatments are going and then that day I couldn’t hit my venus vein and had to abort the treatment.  I don’t think it was simply because of my prior post so I will continue these updates on how treatments are going.  So this past week treatments have been happening with no major problems.  Meg and I both continue are efforts to lose weight.  I think I have about 15 pounds to go before they will consider a transplant.  Meg has scheduled her next visit with the transplant center and we will hopefully meet the surgeon that day.  She is trying to get most of the pre-testing done prior to school starting in the end of August.  For my part I just am getting tired of doing the treatments and look forward to the day when I can pee again!

I had my annual physical last week with my primary care doctor last week.  It went very well for the most part but at the beginning the nurse was doing the usual height, weight, ekg etc… and she asked why I had the band aids on my arm – what happened to you?  I explained I was on dialysis and they are the button holes that the needles run thru.  Then she asked me for urine sample.  After I recovered from laughing I very patiently explained that there are some side effects to Kidney Disease that make that impossible.  I also had my monthly appointment with the nephrologist last week.  I thought that my blood results would not be as good as I hoped.  My July blood work was done on a day after I had an off day  from treatment plus it was the end of the 4th of July long weekend where we did a couple of big cookouts and some serious eating.  But the results continue to show improvement in the success of the dialysis and my weight is still going down.

Had a nice time this weekend.  It was my high school 35th reunion.  We had just a small gathering at the clam bake area at Greenwich Point.  We went a little early to walk the point and go by the beach.  The morning looked very overcast but when we left for the beach it cleared, the sun came out and it was a great afternoon at the beach.  I used to practically live at the beach in the summer growing up so it was nice to visit again.  I had to leave early but it was nice to see some people who I hadn’t seen since graduation.  This coming weekend we are off to Providence overnight to see Kate and to visit a couple of locations she is thinking of for the wedding reception.  It is also a Water Fire weekend in Providence so we hope to attend – sounds like a unique evening  – visit http://www.waterfire.org for more info.


I’m Back – But Pre-occupied!


Sorry I have been preoccupied lately and have neglected this blog.  Treatments have been going on the whole very well since I returned from Rhode Island.  We haven’t missed any although we had one day where we had to replace a cartridge during treatment and re-prime the machine.  It got to where we could only run for 30-45 seconds before it would shut down.  It turned out there was a severe kink (twisting of a line) within the cartridge that kept shutting the machine down.  At that rate it would have taken like 6 hours to complete the normally 3 hour and 15 minutes that I generally run for.  So taking off for 45 minutes to change cartridges seemed prudent.  Meg had to do all the work since I still had needles in my arm with heparinized saline in the lines.  I was able to talk her thru the set up process which she has seen before but not really officially learned how to do.  Once replaced the run went very well.  I also had one issue this month where when I went to do my blood work for the month I didn’t have enough of a specific tube for the test.  If you use a different tube then you are suppose to use the lab freaks out.  It was compounded by the long weekend so I had to do the test at the end of it.  Usually I do my blood draw on the last day of a 3 day run of treatments.  This gets the cleanest results and thus an easier doctor visit that month.  This time it was on the first day of a new run of treatments.  So I am not looking forward to my doctor visit.

My preoccupation these past two weeks have been due to my daughters recent engagement.  No definite plans have been made yet but I have been compiling places for Kate to review to prioritize for the reception.  The time of the day  that I usually do my blog posts was spent looking for reception venues.  Then Meg and I got into the planning for an engagement party for  Kate & Kenny and also moving Carolyn into summer camp for the season.  But I have sent Kate her spreadsheet to review and Carolyn is firmly ensconced at Deer Lake so life can get back to normal  – for a little while at least.