Vacation Is Over – Back On Your Head!


So we are back from our week on the beach in Rhode Island!  We had a great week – 3 days on the beach, kayaking on the pond, a day in Newport, a day in Watch Hill, a day in Mystic.  My dializer and all the ancillary supplies made the trip and I was able to do treatments, although one day I couldn’t find the arterial vein and had to abort.  I couldn’t take with me my recliner that I do treatments in so we were using a zero gravity chair.  For the first hour it is fairly comfortable but by the end of 4 hours you swear you will never get in it again and can’t wait to get out of it and stand.  It was challenging to get my needles in and the chair has a very narrow arm railing to rest my arm on during the treatment.

We were renting a very nice house/barn on Quonochontaug Pond and also had access to several private beaches.  The house was very nicely furnished and we had a great time.  The two boyfriends were able to join us for a few days in the beginning which made my daughters both happier.  We kind of fell off our diet this week and ate like kings – lobsters, shrimp, clams, scallops, mussels, clam rolls, lobster rolls, stuffies, calamari, haddock, swordfish and ice cream.  It was a very relaxing time and the first time we had every done anything like this, but we will be doing more in the future.

On Saturday evening around 11:30 PM Kate called and told us that Kenny had proposed that night!  That was a great end to our vacation.  No date or another details yet but they will be forthcoming in the future.  Carolyn and Meg seem to have it all planned out already – will Kate approve?  Probably not!


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